Incomes in Damascus Are Disrupted When War in Aleppo Intensifies

attacks-in-aleppoLife in Damascus becomes financially difficult and prices rise when fighting in Aleppo intensifies. Despite the fierce war that is raging in Aleppo, it is still the economic capital of Syria.

A wholesaler in Damascus says that “the markets are affected by what is happening in Aleppo. When fighting there intensifies or when the main roads between Aleppo and Damascus and Aleppo and other cities are closed off, there is not much activity in the market as a result of the effect on transporting goods. This is reflected in prices which go up when the price of transportation goes up.”

During the past two days, opposition factions have bombed the regime’s military reinforcements along the Khanasir-Athriya road, southern Aleppo, which is considered the regime’s sole supply route to the city. It is also the only available route to transport goods from Aleppo to other cities like Hama, Homs and Damascus. Some traders in Damascus are still waiting for the road to open so that their goods can arrive from Aleppo, and transportation usually takes three days when the road is functioning normally.


SOURCE: News Now/Asharq Online

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