GNN INVESTIGATION: Suicide Or Murder, The Mysterious Death Of An Indian National

the late Chaman Las Das, age 40
the late Chaman Las Das, age 40

The mysterious death of an Indian national, identified as Chaman Las Das, age 40, who was brought into the Country by the Naresh Brothers (Also Indians) to secure a job as a Cook for them early this month (October) died in his room with a rope hanging around his neck, even though he has since been buried according to the Indian tradition, GNN-Liberia has therefore, launched an independent investgation as to what actually led to his untimely demise .

The Crime Against Person Unit (CSD) of the Liberia National Police, according to a document in the possession of the GNN on the 3th of October, 2016 was discovered hanged in his bed room, in the Naresh Brothers building located at Vai Town, on the second floor.

Accordingly, the victim was brought into Liberia by Naresh Brothers Inc. to work as a Cook, according to the report, he used to wake up early every morning to prepare breakfast for the employees, the report further said “On the 13th of October 2016 one of the employees, Prashant Kasar went on the 3rd floor of the building to have his breakfast as usual; but did not meet any food prepared.

According to the report, Kasar said he came down to the victim’s door which was partially opened and peep through it, he said in that process he discovered the victim hanging on a rope tied from one of the blades of a fan attached to the ceiling, to his neck, Kasar told investigators.

Explaining further Kasar said as a result of this discovering he became nervous, and immediately raised an alarm which which he said drew the attention of other employees who alerted the boss, and said the victim was rushed to one of the local clinic where he was pronounced dead.

In the finding following series of interrogation with employees of the company, the police in their findings noted with serious concerns such as a red skating rope was seen tied  from the blade of the ceiling fan, around  to the victim’s neck which measure above, that the victim was partially suspended at the foot of his bed with his left foot partly on the floor, his right foot folded on the bed before him, which his two hands were resting on the bed, the victim tongue was protruding from his mouth, That ligature mark was seen around the victim’s neck which suggest that he hung there for a while before being discovered, that the victim had pre ejaculation from his penis, which is also a sign of suicide, that there were no injury observed on the victim, to suggest aggression, that there was no sign of tussle, as everything in his room was intact.

Investigators also took statements from several employees of the company as to what all they know about the death of their late workmate. All of them said the same thing.

For his part, the Physician Assistant of the Mawah Medical Clinic where the victim was carried prior to his death in his report also in the possession of the GNN in his report to the police wrote on October 13, 2016 said, “I was called by Mr. Abu B. Daramy of the Security sector of the CID to see the above name patient at his residence in Vai town with vital signs completely ceased upon my arrival,” he told investigators.

Some members of the Indian Community in Liberia who preferred not to be named speaking to the GNN wondered as to what actually led to the mysterious death of their fellow compatriot, noting that probably he was ill-treated by his employer that led to his early demise.

Despite all attempts made by the GNN to talk to the management of Naresh Brothers Corporation did not materialize, as our reporter was told to contact the Consulate General of India to Liberia. Several attempts were also made to get Mr. Upjit Jetty to no avail.

However, investigation by our report to find out what actually led to the untimely demise of this Indian national continues.

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