Local Liberian Clinics To Benefit From LDC Pilot Project

Mr. James Momoh making a presentation
Mr. James Momoh making a presentation

Local clinics in Monrovia and its environs are to shortly benefit from a pilot project initiated by the Liberia Diabetes center located on Front Street in Monrovia.

Under the pilot project, according to a press release, several clinics will be receiving free diabetes testing meters and strips as an expansion of the Liberia diabetes center community engagement in the country.

The press release quoting the founder of the Liberia Diabetes Center from the United States, James Momo said, as diabetes illness continues to be a threat to the lives of Liberian families, the pilot project will provide affordable testing to all Liberians that are either living with hyperglycemia or unknowingly living with diabetes.

He noted that one of the major problems in the fight against diabetes in Liberia is the lack of testing technology at several local clinics in the country, stressing,  ‘It is astonishing that clinics in Monrovia are still using the primitive method of diabetes testing in an era where technology is making the diagnosis of disease less complicated and affordable’.

Speaking further on the pilot project, Mr. Momoh said, the  diabetes center will be accepting submission by needed clinics in the partnership, and the goal is to provide diabetes testing to every patient that will be seeking medical attention at  clinics that will be benefiting from the pilot project.

On the prevalence of diabetes in Liberia, Momoh indicated that diabetes is now an emerging medical condition that is posing a threat to family lives in Liberia, and to combat such an emerging disease it will require the engagement of every Liberian to adopt preventive strategy in diabetes prevention and management.

Momoh said to empower local clinics under the pilot project, patients will be required to pay one hundred Liberian dollars for diabetes testing instead of $ 5.00 USD usually charged for diabetes testing in the country. He said proceeds from diabetes testing will be an incentive for local clinics to obtain testing strips from the Liberia diabetes center and to make diabetes testing available and affordable to the people of Liberia.

Momoh disclosed that while diabetes is now an emerging medical condition in Liberia, it is also a global condition that affects the world’s population and a major cause of death and disability.  He urged Liberians to visit the Liberian diabetes center to have their health evaluated since the center is not limited to diabetes testing but is also providing services for high blood pressure, weight, oxygen and temperature or cardiovascular assessment.

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