Deputy Police Chief Celebrates His Birthday With ‘Zogos Or Street Thugs’, In Order For Them To Be Good Citizens

Deputy Police Chief For Operations, Abe Kromah Speaking to the media
Deputy Police Chief For Operations, Abe Kromah Speaking to the media

The Deputy Inspector General of the Liberia National Police for Operations, Col. Abraham Kromah today October 30, 2016, took up time to celebrate his birthday with the ‘Zogos or street thugs’, a group of suspected drug addicts and criminals including car loaders who usually room the streets of Monrovia and its environs stealing from people who were chased out of the streets of Monrovia have joined the Deputy Chief to celebrate his natal day.

Over 200 of them came from their hideouts including ghettos to celebrate with the Deputy Police Chief, who many of them considered as one of those who ‘took bread from mouths’ by disallowing them not to load cars in the heart of Monrovia.

The objective of this gathering, according to Col. Kromah is to lecture them (These would be criminals) the danger involves in what they have chosen over the years by robbing innocent people just to make life, and further to discourage them that it is not healthy for their future.

Prior to his appointment as Deputy Police Commissioner for Operations, the proliferation of ‘zogos or street thugs’ in the streets of Monrovia and it’s environs created fears among Liberians, many of whom could not easily go about their normal businesses after certain hours of the nights.

The Deputy Inspector General for Operations believes those today call ‘Zogos or street thugs’ will one day become good citizens once they are tutored and treated to be good citizens for tomorrow.

“Many of them are from good homes, but are been called by those bad ones who have refused to leave drugs and return to their better lives”, a resident of Monrovia who lauded the kind gesture of the Deputy Police Chief for Operations noted.

In observing of the day, the Zogos who resisted to be photographed by journalists were fed with mouthwatering food like cooked rice with fried chickens as many ate the food to their satisfaction vowing not to return to the streets any more.

This situation was so impressive that it drew a huge bystanders who also applauded the initiative on the part of Col. Kromah to celebrate his birthday with street thugs in their numbers including under age boys and girls who found pleasure being in the streets.

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