“As 2017 Presidential Creeps in UPP Says It Will Be a Formidable Force” – Party Executives Brag

Mr. MacDonald Wento
Mr. MacDonald Wento

Some executives and founding members of Liberia’s oldest opposition political party, the United People’s Party (UPP) have vowed this time come 2017 to capture state power following its nationwide preparation  to mobilize all progressive in the Country.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the GNN-Liberia at the Party’s 17th Street office recently, four officials of the Party including veteran politicians and founding members of the Party, Mr. Blamo Nelson and D. Karn Carlor; National Vice Chairman for Strategy & Development, and National Chairman for Political Affairs respectfully.

Both men explained in detail on how  Liberia’s oldest political Party gained its strength in advocating for multi Party system in Liberia despite of all the difficulties that were encountered during those troubled days with the resistance of the True  Whig Party (TWP) which gained its political status in 1869 as the only political Party.

Giving the historical perspective, both Blamo and Carlor said the United People’s Party (UPP) which founded in July, 1984 starting from the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) which grew out of the activities of the Progressive Alliance of Liberia (PAL) came into being in 1975 as a pressure group organized Liberians living in the United States and Liberia.

The two executives (Nelson and Carlor) further disclosed that the primary reason why PAL was formed was to change Liberia from operating as a one-party state to what they called a ‘True multi-party democracy’, noting that in 1976 some of the key organizers of PAL who were residing in the Americas including its founding Chairman, the late Gabriel Baccus Matthews, Oscar Jaryee Quiah, Samuel Jackson, D. Karn Carlor  and dozens of others came back home to start the struggle.

Explaining further both Blamo and Carlor said between 1979 and early 1980, PAL’s operation in Liberia begin to expand as more of its U.S. based members including Wesley Johnson; former Vice Head of State of Liberia, Dr. Marcus S.G. Dahn, former Senator Blamo Nelson Fred Bass Golokeh returned home.

“PAL provided the level of leadership that was indeed needed for the already unhappy Liberian people. The Liberian people were demanding a national progressive agenda for political change,” Mr. Blamo giving an insight of the UPP noted.

He said these changes demanded were: Freedom of association and to form other political parties in the country that would challenge the only ruling party at the time, the True Whig Party (TWP), to all Liberians that qualify to contest for elected public offices, that all Liberians above age 18 years be allowed to vote freely in electoral districts.

The founding members of the UPP also speaking to the GNN-Liberia further boasted that with the level of multi party system being enjoyed by Liberian politicians and the other ordinary Liberians who are enjoying freedom of expression and association it is due to the advocacies of the UPP over the years.

Also joining the conversation with the two UPP founding members, were the National Chairman of the Party, Mr. T. Q. Harris, and madam Florence Ciapha, National Vice Chairperson for Administration both also boasted that with the level of support coming from Liberians across the country, they are hopeful of becoming victorious, come 2017 for the presidency.

“The progressive are now prepared to clutch this time that Liberians have been expecting of the oldest opposition political party, the United People’s Party (UPP). Our presence is been felt all over the Country due to our nationalistic philosophy; making sure that our people get what they merit,” Madam Ciapha who one time  served as National Chairperson of the Party told our staff during the interview.

“With the coming on board of Mr. MacDonald Wento as our political leader, be assured that with this guy will take us to the top come 2017,” Mr. T. Q. Harris, the National Chairman of the Party in a rather serious moment of thought speaking to the GNN-Liberia asserted.

“Our political leader who has rich credentials in leadership has been welcomed by our partisans around Liberia, and even those partisans abroad; this man will take us to victory come 2017,” the UPP officials repeatedly to our staff during the interview.

Liberian political analysts and ordinary Liberians who spoke to our reporter expressed optimistic that this time the UPP will definitely make a difference in its political drive for 2017.

“As you may be aware, it was the UPP that introduced multi party system in Liberia, with the conglomeration of dozens of political parties nowadays, the UPP must credited for being the architect of this situation now been enjoyed by politicians,” Aaron Q. Suah, Jr., of the University of Liberia noted in a chat with the GNN-Liberia recently said.

“I want to pay tribute to the fallen architects of Liberia’s multi party system, especially those from the UPP including the late Gabriel Baccus Matthews who fought a fight that today politicians are enjoying,” Solomon Wleh a resident of Barnersville Estate speaking to our reporter noted.

As the much talk about 2017 general and presidential elections draw closer, Liberia’s prospective electorates are looking forward to see who will capture the presidency after President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf shall have declare her exist from the Executive Mansion.

Currently there are 22 political parties registered vying for this highest seat of the land, presidency come 2017. However, the National Elections Commission (NEC) recently told the Liberian media that there are other additional parties to be registered.

The question that flips the lip of Liberians is who becomes their country’s next president with the growing number of political parties in Liberia?

Article by: Joel Cholo Brooks

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