As U.S. Awaits November 8, 2016 Elections, Motorcyclists Endorse Several Individuals and highlight Rep William Bill Kortz and Others

Philip E.P. Woods, II of Liberia in photo with Mrs. Carol Umbenhauer State Secretary/Treasurer/Office Manager and her husband, State Lobbyist Charles Umbenhauer, 2016
Philip E.P. Woods, II of Liberia in photo with Mrs. Carol Umbenhauer State Secretary/Treasurer/Office Manager and her husband, State Lobbyist Charles Umbenhauer, 2016

The Alliance of Bikers Aimed Towards Education of Pennsylvania (ABATE of PA) which is advocating for the rights of U.S. motorcyclists of Pennsylvania says it is endorsing several candidates in the U.S. November 8, 2016 parliamentary and presidential elections.

According to Philip Woods who is an advocate for motorcyclists in Liberia, currently in the United States said Democrat Representatives, William Bill Kortzisof district # 38, Allegheny County was highlighted and label as “Biker Friendly Legislator” and question others on the front cover of ABATE of PA published monthly newsletter, “Between the Lines”as one of those who have been endorsed by ABATE due to his numerous contributions towards the motorcycling community of the US, Bill has been serving his County since 2007 and his work worth his reelection.

Philip E.P. Woods, II of Liberia in photo with Mr. and Mrs. Steve Zurl, State Membership Adviser at the L&L 2015
Philip E.P. Woods, II of Liberia in photo with Mr. and Mrs. Steve Zurl, State Membership Adviser at the L&L 2015

ABATE of PA through its Political lobbying arm; The “Political Action Committee” “BikePAC”has listed presidential candidate Hilary Clinton and US Businessman, Donald Trump, (*Denotes Incumbent ** Endorsed)while at the same time Joshua Shapiro, Democrat and Endorsed John Raferty, Republican for the position of Attorney General.

General Members meet and greet at the 2016 L&L
General Members meet and greet at the 2016 L&L

Other endorsed by ABATE include;**Eugene Depasquale, Democrat and listed John Brown, Republican for Auditor General, Joseph Torsella and Otto Voit, Democrat and Republican were listed for State Treasurer, Katie Mcginty and*Patrick Toomey listed for Senator in Congress, Democrat and Republican

For the offices of the United States Representatives, 18 names from 18 districts were listed, none were endorsed. For the Offices of the Senate,a total of Forty Nine (49)names from Forty Nine (49) districts were listed, Nine (9)Republican endorsed, all incumbents, Eleven (11)Democrats were endorsed, Ten (10) incumbents.  For the House of Representatives,Two Hundred and Three (203) names were listed, ABATE of PA with all due respect endorsed Fifty (50), Forty Seven (47) are incumbents Democrats. A total of Ninety (90) Republicans were endorsed(87) are incumbents. Those individuals endorsed are considered as Motorcyclists friendly, and therefore, ABATA is encouraging all motorcyclists to go out there on November 8, 2016 to vote for these great men and Women.

Pat Byewater, Motorcycle Safety Operations Trainer lecture on membership communication
Pat Bywater, Motorcycle Safety Operations Trainer lecture on membership communication

As a campaign to vote into offices these individuals “Between the Lines”has future American motorcyclists Voter’s Guide on pages 18 -21.  A tremendous amount of research goes into trying to make this as accurate as humanly possible so that you can depend upon us for doing the work, so you can go to the voting booth and make an informed decision for motorcyclists says the release.

According to ABATE of PA, If voters do not do their  part and follow through by going to the polls on Tuesday, November 8 and cast their votes, then they have done  lots of work for nothing.

ABATE OF PA is headed by Charles Umbenhauer, commonly called, Charlie is a motorcycle enthusiast for more than 40 years, he has spends most of his life working on legislative issues which affect Pennsylvania motorcyclists.
In 1986, Charlie co-founded the Political Action Committee for Bikers;BikePACthe BikePACis the organization Statewide motorcyclist’s use to raise funds for lobbing their interest.

For sixteen (16) years now, Charlie has served as lobbyist for A.B.A.T.E. of Pennsylvania. Before been hired as lobbyist, he was the State legislative coordinator for A.B.A.T.E. of PA, for fourteen (14) years. Charlie has spends an enormous amount of his time meeting with legislators, attending legislative sessions, and lobbying both Houses at the state capitol, he has to his credit countless passed bills that give Motorcyclists the rights to the road as vehicle and training for members which a Liberian is benefiting from as well.

Charlie has influenced hundreds, perhaps thousands of motorcyclists to get involved in the political system, understand how government functions, and take the time to thoroughly and clearly express issues of importance to their elected and appointed officials. He was instrumental in organizing the annual Motorcyclists Rights Rally which is held every May at the state capitol, and has sacrificed enormous amounts of time, energy and resources in the pursuit of the freedom of choice for adult motorcyclists.

Eugene Rimer,State Sergent -At-Arm lecture on membership security at events and etc
Eugene Rimer,State Sergent -At-Arm lecture on membership security at events and etc

ABATE of PA, according to Mr. Philip Woods represents Motorcyclists throughout the State of Pennsylvania  and advocate for the members aims and objectives Against Road & Land Closures, Introduce to Congress Motorcycle Related Legislation, Conduct Fund Raisers to support the organization budget and programs To Benefit the Community such as the Nationwide Toy Run, partner with the State to Promote Motorcycle Safety Training Classes, Educate The Public About Motorcycle safety Awareness through its Operations save A Life, stand in Defense Against Harassment & Discrimination towards motorcyclists, and ensuring Motorcycling forever remain an equal right to the road Transportation vehicle & Recreation standard

Charlie and his wife Carol,are the two individuals whose contributions Philip Woods had researched in 2008 among the world and America three largest motorcycle advocacy organizations as success while in Liberia.

Mr. Woods speaking to the GNN-Liberia also disclosed that this couple work encouraged him to travel to the US and was happily received and welcome to jointhe 9th District Charter of ABATEof PAwhere he is currently serving as Product Officer and gaining insight into how the Americans Motorcyclist changed their situation from marginalization to been stakeholders.

Each year, since 1985, ABATE of PA host the Leadership and Legislative aka the L&L Seminar in Harrisburg where ABATE members, motorcyclists from all over the United States, Motorcycle Rights Organizations, like the American Motorcycle Association, AMA, Motorcycle Riders foundation, MRF, and Law Makers all converged for three (3) days to discuss issues and matters confronting the sector and provide training to its Statewide Leadership to effectively lead their various chapters.

Mr. Woods while speaking further indicated he is reminded from his last conversation with Charlie at the 31st annual L&L Seminar that he will be retiring after 40 and more years of advocacy, he has already posted an expression of interest for replacement as Lobbyist for ABATE to the US Congress.

“There is one thing I see comparable with Liberian motorcyclists to that of the Americans, “Solidarity” how well it is been applied is the question, my pledge is to bridge that gap of my mission, the benefit of my passion and task of “Changing Things Around”, where other Liberians can annually be a part of the L&L”, Mr. Woods speaking further noted

Back in Liberia, Mr. Woods said motorcyclists has been marginalized, not realizing the risk and sacrifice they make in providing transportation, their contributions to the economic revenue and job creation. Motorcycles are legitimate model of transportation, with equal rights to the road when the rightful applications are applied; we are very hopeful and confident that it will change in the soon future.

Motorcycles are used in the rural and urban areas by Teachers, Doctors, students and even serving in Liberia and 3rd world countries as Ambulance to take pregnant women and the sick to hospital and etc. Similarly, the Americans had their own share of marginalization years back, but today, they have the world best motorcycle advocacy and Government funding safety training programs nationwide that certified all aged riders through a public, private partnership which has tremendously reduced road accidents and early deaths

Concluding, the Liberian motorcyclists’ rights advocate did ponder over a question, asking, can the Liberia Pehn-Pehn situation changed, yes, it can, if we follow through the Americans impression, asked why leave Liberia for Pehn-Pehn issue when he is not into it, he disclosed I love the act of Motorcycling and been into it since my youth, just as how George Weah and many other Liberians love football, to change the Liberian situation around is my life!

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