CODAIL Blasts CDC Youth League Leader On ‘Irresponsible’ Statement Against Deputy Police Chief

Foday Kutubu Sheriff, Secretary General CODAIL
Foday Kutubu Sheriff, Secretary General CODAIL

Addressing a major news conference in Monrovia yesterday, the Coalition for Democratic Action in Liberia (CODAIL) which comprising of several advocacy groups in Liberia debunked recent statement made by the Youth League Chairman of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) in a recent statement made against the Deputy Director of Police Col. Abraham Kromah during a news conference on October 17, 2016.

CODIAL officials in their press statement said the CDC youth league Chairman in that statement ‘ignorantly and naively made series of unsubstantiated assertions against the laudable strives initiated by Col. Kromah to reduce vagrancy, (group of personalities, who have terrorized the Liberian society under the pretext of being car loaders at day and armed robbers at night, and at the same time questioned the high earned reputation of one of Liberia’s admirable and best criminal justice practitioners.’

Below is the full text of the letter sent to the Inspector General of the Liberia national Police debunking the CDC youth league’s statement:

Coalition for Democratic Action In Liberia


     1603, Barnersville Road

Gardnersville Township

Hon. Gregory Coleman

Inspector General

Liberia National Police (LNP)

Caine Building, Capitol Hill

Monrovia, Liberia

October 17, 2016

Dear Col. Coleman:

We, members of the Coalition for Democratic Action in Liberia, (CODAIL); comprising of the Alliance for Community Democracy ACD); Progressive Liberian Against Injustice (PLAI); Independence Civil Society Network of Liberia (ICSNL); and the Youth for Democratic Change in Liberia (YDC),present our compliments and herewith write to provide our perspectives on a communication dated October 17, 2016, emanating from the so-called “Revolutionary National Youth League” of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC)in which they ignorantly and naively made series of unsubstantiated assertions against the laudable strives initiated by your administration to reduce vagrancy (group of personalities, who have terrorized the Liberian society under the pretext of being car loaders at day and armed robbers at night), and at the same time questioned the high earned reputation of one of Liberia’s admirable and best criminal justice practitioners, Deputy Inspector General of Police for Operations, Col. Abraham S. Kromah, one of your able lieutenants.

Indeed, the Coalition for Democratic Action In Liberia views these claims as a calculated ploy designed by a group of hired guns being used just like a ventriloquist uses a dummy. In fact, these marauding gangoperating under the guides of activism, led by one ill-reared and half-schooled boy, Jefferson Koijee has indulged in countless falsehoods ostensibly with the intentions of caricaturizing the Liberia National Police, which has been in the vanguard of ensuring the protection of lives and property. Kiojee and his cohorts guilelessly thinks that by creating this misrepresentation they will blemish the professional works of the LNP to the advantage of the political quest of George Weah, thus posing serious threat to the Liberian society.

Firstly, we wish to state that contrary to the position statement of the Liberia National Police that the operation embarked upon to remove group of citizens who have victimized the Liberian society under the pretext of being car loader, these paid agents have fabricated falsehoods by attributing the organizational actions to an individual, as a means of rendering the remarkable works of the LNP meaningless. Hear them as they screamed in their widespread rumors: “…these persons have been forcibly and with brutality enjoined from the enjoyment of their liberty by the unilateral directive of Abraham Kromah, one of your deputies”.

The above quote indicates the failed attempt by these unprepared, visionless and illogical characters whose sole intent is to cause embarrassment, create stigma and inconvenience for Col. Abraham Kromah, a man of high repute. Unsophisticatedly, these rumor mongers, cum politicians with no statistical knowledge, lest to mention a single Liberian family that has made claim of any missing child, used all kinds of subterfuges to manipulate the unsuspecting audience at the disadvantage of Director Kromah by lying that four (4) of those individuals posing as car loaders have died.

Without reflecting on the fact that his own closest is filled with skeleton which places a dent on his moral character, it is recalled when he (Koijee) at the head of CDC marauding gang, under the guise of party loyalist, without regard for the rule of law, beat one of its members then, Mr. Salinto Montgomery for simply disagreeing with George Weah, the strongman of the CDC. We urge the Liberia National police to immediately launch an investigation into circumstances that led to the ruthless flogging, of Mr. Montgomery, a peaceful Liberian and a nationalist.

In exemplifying their stated naivety, these little misguided, unsophisticated fellows, blamed the action of a 36 years old man on another person, simply because that person is a minister of government. Little Koijee and his cohorts, insinuated that Defense Minister Brownie Samukai’s 36 years old son’s action should be transferred to him, simply because they believed that by mentioning the name of Minister Brownie Samukai will give their cause some relevance; what a travesty.

Besides, they erroneously alleged that Director Kromah who is much respected as a man of principle and modest upbringing, was relieved of his post as Deputy Police Director for Operations for physical harm against motorcyclists and peaceful citizens, failing to realize that Article 56 of the Liberian constitution, stipulates that all presidential appointees serve at the will and pleasure of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. It is based on the same will and pleasure of the President over his performance at the Liberia National police that led to his reappointment and subsequent confirmation by the Liberian senate.

Furthermore, Koijee and his aimless followers came out of their secret shell as they tried to subvert a known fact through the use of evil techniques and lies, claiming that Director Kromah impersonated as a relative to the late Morris Kromah, thereby preventing CDC Partisans from paying tributes to their fallen colleague. The actual story is, the deceased was a Muslim and at such was buried in accordance with the Islamic tradition by the Chief Iman of Liberia. The Cdcians are simply creating a smokescreen because they wanted to parade with the body on the streets of Monrovia, against Islamic dogmas.

Honorable Inspector General, normally, the socialization of activism, through both school and professional exposure indoctrinates professional values that emphasize responsible statements, and accuracy in claims of accusation. Therefore, the Coalition for Democratic action In Liberia calls on the Liberia National Police and the Government of Liberia in general not to lent credence to these characters who are ingeniously portraying themselves to be morally upright, arrogant and self-righteous by craving for activism at the expense of the most acclaimed reputation of Deputy Inspector General for Operations of the Liberia National Police, Col. Abraham S. Kromah.

So, once again, we want to use this occasion to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the President of the Republic of Liberia, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for reappointing this noble son of the land, who was unanimously confirmed by the Liberian senate with the overwhelming support from the likes of Ambassador George M. Weah of the CDC. The contribution of this criminal Justice professional is being felt on the landscape of our country, as we prepare for peaceful elections in our country. Sir, your tutelage and guidance have positively set our country to an orderly and functional society, for which we are very grateful.

Best regards,

Yours truly,

Foday Kutubu Sheriff.

Secretary General


Approved by

Carolyn Dunken



Cc: Office of the President

U.S. Embassy

   French Embassy

Swedish Embassy

British Embassy

  1. U. Mission

African Union



Minister of Justice

Indian missions

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