LETTER: Most Accidental Candle Fires can be prevented, Prevent Shack Fires and Promote Poverty Relief

Kevin Dawson
Kevin Dawson

I am a former UNMIL Fire Marshal that has a special place in my heart for my friends and Firefighters in Africa.

Kevin’s Kandles has been founded as a direct result of my assignment in 2007-2008.  The weekly fire calls for accidental candle fires in Monrovia had a profound impact on me. I have spent my entire career providing fire protection and fire safety to the public.  Upon my return to Canada I knew I had to do something more. Now Kevin’s Kandles are available – How do we encourage suppliers like Monoprix or Bridgeway to offer these candles to all Africans? They are Much Safer than paraffin candles, less than half the cost and environmentally friendly.

As a point of interest, Kevin’s Kandles come with “manufacturer’s recommended instructions” but to show you how versatile they are, this is from personal experience.  In 2008 when Kevin’s Kandles were introduced in Monrovia, Liberia many of the poor people were using them with clear disposable 1L plastic water bottles and “used vegetable oil” that they had “acquired” from local restaurants. NOT the recommended method, but it worked for them without incident. Strained, used vegetable oil provided the same illumination, same burn time but sometimes gave off a slight odor.

If a Kevin’s Kandle is left unattended – it will go out; if it is tipped over – it will go out!

In January 2012  another tragic accidental candle fire occurred in Monrovia, Liberia.  150 homes were destroyed and 2,500 people were left homeless.

This tragedy could have been prevented with Kevin’s Kandles. It’s time for the UN and other Poverty Relief Groups to embrace these Much Safer candles.

To watch the demonstration video and read the “Small Steps” folder visit www.asafercandle.com

Let’s reduce the number of accidental shack fires!

Looking for distributors in Africa and worldwide.

Kevin Dawson


Kevin’s Kandles Inc.



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