First Lady Michelle Obama speaks in New Hampshire about what’s at stake in this election

Mrs. Michelle Obama
Mrs. Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama starred in a defining moment of the presidential race Thursday, delivering a stinging and emotional condemnation of Donald Trump’s behavior toward women that framed the election as no longer about ideology, but human decency.

Obama put aside her standard stump speech to express disgust and outrage with Trump’s lewd boasts about forcing himself on women, which multiple women accuse him of acting on. She said Trump’s behavior “has shaken me to my core.”

“I can’t believe I am saying that a candidate for president of the United States has actually bragged about sexually assaulting women,” Obama told the crowd. “I cannot stop thinking about this.” She spoke forcefully about the hurtful impact the GOP nominee’s talk has generally on American women, who still find themselves regularly subjected to humiliating and unwanted advances.

During the address, Obama distinguished herself as perhaps the most effective voice at this moment on Hillary Clinton’s deep bench of surrogates. The speech from the popular first lady underscored her mastery of the bully pulpit, even as she nears the end of two terms in an administration where she often avoided the rough and tumble of politics to focus her efforts on less controversial policy issues such as healthy eating.


SOURCE: News Now/Los Angeles Times

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