As 2017 Presidential Elections Creeping In, UPP Says It Is Ready For State Power

Mr. T. Q. Harris, National Chairman of the UPP
Mr. T. Q. Harris, National Chairman of the UPP

Established some 32 years ago, the United People’s Party (UPP) generally known as the ‘Grass Root’ party in Liberia is said to be regaining its status once again as one of Liberia’s oldest and well grinded opposition political parties to battle for Liberia’s 2017 presidency.

Noted for its quest for multi-political parties in Liberia, the United UPP which history dates back in the 1970s became prominence in Liberia during the time of  its advocacies denouncing the issue of one party system in Liberia.

Nowadays, the emergence of dozens of opposition political parties in Liberia that are now rooming the corridor of powers should give credit to the UPP, a Party that stood firm in its advocacies under strenuous situations.

The new team now steering the affairs of the Party says it is resolute in bringing back its lost sheep, especially those members who have over the years opted for a real change in the lives of the Liberian people.

“UPP is open to all Liberians, especially those who have this Country at heart and are prepared to serve the Liberian people in the best way it can,” these were the words of the National Chairman of the Party, Mr. T. Q. Harris during a chat with the GNN at his Party’s 17th street Sinkor office.

“We are doing all in our powers to once again cover the country with the establishment of our sub-offices throughout Liberia, as you may be aware UPP a grass root political party has no political boundary,” he noted with ego in a bid to bring dignity to his Party and partisans..

Its Standard Bearer, Mr. Macdonald Wanto who is currently out of the country is said to be passionate in the political growth of the Party, and has also vowed to make sure that the United People’s Party in its bid to capture the nation’s  presidency come 2017 succeed.

According to the Party’s platform, “UPP believes in the primary system and not in caucus politics; that is, Party members should be given the opportunity to personally elect those whom they want as Party candidates for national leadership, UPP believes this decision should not be left to a handful of Party Officials as is manifest in the Caucus System,” the UPP’s platform in the possession of this outlet noted, and further outlined that the Party (UPP) believes in democracy, and is committed to the protection of civil liberties, fundamental human rights and the rule of law.

On the issue weather UPP will be willing to collaborate with any politic party, the platform of the Party noted, “This decision that is taken by the National Party Congress (NPC). Whenever it is considered practical to contest elections in collaboration with other political parties through an alliance or a coalition, the NPC will pass a Resolution mandating the National Executive Committee (NEC) to negotiate the details of the arrangement or arrangements.”

With all of these layout rules of the UPP, the National office of the Party is always seen over crowded as several on a daily basis queue out to be a part of this oldest political party.

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