River Gee Newly Appointed Superintendent Says His Administration Will Run On Elders’ Wisdom

From Our Rive Gee Correspondent/ George Kayee/

gee1After 5- month of appointment of local officials by the President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, the new Superintendent of River Gee County, Mr. Philip Nyenuh has arrived in Fishtown where dozens of citizens gathered at the Fishtown City Square to receive their new county administration.

Mr. Philip Nyenuh and five local officials in April 2016 were nominated by President Sirleaf where some River- Gee citizens protested and the County Caucus Supported their Constituents of the protest, accused Senator Conmany Wesseh of masterminded the appointment singlehandedly because of his closeness to the President, but Senate Wesseh in his reaction dismissed the allegation and said such function was constitutional, which lies in the purview of the President.

Superintendent Nyenuh arrived in Fishtown along with the New City Mayor and were received by traditional chiefs and elders through kola ceremony in the native town as signs of the god of their assessors to shower their blessing upon the new leadership.

In response and acceptance, Mr. Nyenuh commended President Sirleaf for his preferment and  use the occasion to call for collective effort for growth and development of the county, he pledged his commitment to develop a robust agenda that will bring relief to the people of River Gee, he made specific reference of the bad road connectivity in order to enable citizens access free movement of goods and services through the wisdom of the elders for guidance.

He further stated that the social, cultural and economic actions should be achieved in consonance with the aims of its endeavors through peaceful coexistence in which River Gee will promote sustainable development and economic growth.

Amongst those officials who arrived to taken their respective seats were Philip Nyenuh Superintendent, Mr. James Sarsih, Asst. Supt for Fiscal Affairs Mr. Seide Weiah , Asst. Supt for Dev., Gbaepo Statutory Dist., Mr. Albert Watoson   Asst. Supt for Dev, Tienpo Stat. District Mr. Matuaslah Hinneh  Commissioner, Gibsonville, Nyenebo Dist. And Mr. T. Dickson Donmo City Mayor, Fishtown City.

According to our Correspondents, the ceremony was attended by local government officials, youth, traditional chiefs, elders ,women and well-wishers of the county.

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