Liberian Leader Legal Advisor Resigns

Cllr Seward M. Cooper
Cllr Seward M. Cooper

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Legal Advisor, Cllr. Seward M. Cooper has turned in his letter of resignation to his boss with the Liberian leader regretting the decision taken by the renowned Liberian legal practitioner.

Cllr. Seward M. Cooper, to enable him to pursue continued national service in the private sector and in international affairs. According to an Executive Mansion release, Cllr. Cooper will be available for consultancy services.

Cllr. Cooper served in that capacity for 5 years and 9 months as Legal Advisor to the President of the Republic of Liberia.

The scholarly legal wit described the opportunity to serve our country through Government service and with an experienced, intellectually sound, and internationally respected leader as being professionally satisfying.  “I enjoyed working through the years with a diverse cabinet on matters that could help transform our country in positive ways”, he observed.

While in private practice, Cllr. Cooper will focus on corporate, commercial, and international legal matters. The erudite lawyer is currently Chairman of the African Legal Support Facility, an international organization closely aligned to the African Development Bank (AfDB).

Cllr. Seward Cooper’s extensive experience as a corporate and international lawyer has seen him navigate the legal practice in Liberia, the United States, the UK and international organizations including the AfDB where he served as the first Chief Counsel for Governance and later as the first head of the AfBD’s Integrity and Anti-corruption Office. To his credit, he has written and edited numerous articles and books on law and is a graduate of the prestigious University of Wisconsin Law School, which also produced Liberia’s Mrs. Angie Brooks Randolph, the first African woman president of the United Nations General Assembly.  He has been admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of Liberia and that of the United States of America.

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