Uncertainty Looms Over Ellen Corkrum’s Indictment, As Her Bid For Liberia’s President Abandons

(By: Harris Gilbert, GNN Manhattan New York Correspondent)

Mr. Melvin Johnson and Madam Corkrum
Mr. Melvin Johnson and Madam Corkrum

The Liberian Government seems to have abandoned one of its profile case involving the former the Managing Director of the Liberia Airport Authority (LAA) Ellen Corkrum and her fiancé Mr. Melvin Johnson who were indicted for their alleged link to the misapplication of funds entrusted in her care during her tenure at the LAA.

A source in the United States who spoke to our GNN-Liberia U.S. based Correspondent noted that the case brought against Madam Corkrum and Melvin Johnson by the Liberian Government is just another fiasco on its part, noting, “This Government is always habit of putting its citizens under the impression of perusing people who are alleged of corruption, but at the end nothing comes out that,” our source said in an exclusive interview with our US based Correspondent.

During the early stage of this high profile case; Liberian Government vs Ellen Corkrum, it was said that the government had spent thousands of dollars in pursue of Madam Corkrum and her friend, Mr. Johnson with the intent of seeking for the extradition of both individuals.

As the Liberian Government legal team over the past months has been trying to legally convince the United States Justice Department in order to help in the extradition of Madam Corkrum, but the question being asked by many Liberians is what is the outcome of this profile case?

Information gathered by our US based Correspondent revealed that despite the hiring of Mr. Steven Schneebaum, an American lawyer to push the case forward has massively failed.

It is however understandable as to whether the request filed to the U.S. Department of Justice years ago has gain a fruitful results or not for the request made to help in pressing the extradition of Madam Corkrum and others accused by the Liberian Government.

Brushing off the Liberian Government’s charges against Madam Corkrum and Johnson, according to our Correspondent, some Liberians in the United States who spoke to the GNN-Liberia in that part of the world are still saying nothing will come out of this case, noting that several cases of such nature always proved unsuccessful due to the lack of proper prosecution on the part of the Government.

GNN-Liberia Correspondent in the US said Ellen Corkrum who last year during a meeting with a Liberian community in New York, the United States promised to return to Liberia and join the presidential race, but few months later declined on grounds that her life coming to Liberia would be threatened.

Earlier speaking about her indicted by the Liberian Government and subsequent extradition to Liberia, Madam Corkrum said up to date there has been no any paper relating to the allegation leveled against them, noting, “Since the Liberian government has been claiming all these allegations against us, we have not been served no papers by the American government,” Madam Corkrum speaking to our Correspondent last year said.

Up to date it has now been proven by observes who felt during the early stage of the case that nothing would not come out of this case, as one of the observers who spoke earlier on the matter noted, “We told you that nothing would have come out of this case. You will now believe whenever I tell something,” a resident of Monrovia who spoke to our reporter in Monrovia said.

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