Bad Road Condition Hampers Movement Of Goods And Services In River Gee County, As Price Of Gasoline Scales High

(From George Kayee GNN River Gee Correspondent)

12187762_10206514272108260_8400864889034914526_nReport from the southeast county of River Gee speaks of the inaccessibility of roads in that part of the country has drastically  increases hardship, leaving the County to threat to serious difficulties, why prospective voters of the 2017 general and presidential elections are pondering over as what will happen as time draws closer.

A dispatch from our Correspondent in the County noted that since the closure of UN field offices in the southeastern part of the Country, the issue bad road condition has created serious hardship on the people of River Gee.

liberia-land-rover-bad-roads-2He said vehicles that use to ply that route are no more at this time finding it easy as bad road condition has impeded most economic activities, including the free movement of goods and services and other means for the sustainability of the people in that part of the country.

He  said as a result this unbearable situation, a 25KG of rice which was sold at LRD 1,700.00 is now sold at LRD2,500.00 while a gallon of gasoline that was once sold at the price of LRD400.00 is now been sold at LRD$600.00  per gallon.

Our Correspondent further disclosed  that to enable these citizens in that part of the country to sustain themselves and the family, most locals are migrating in illicit gold mining fields as a means of making life better for they and their families.

Quoting residents of the area on the issue of the endless bad road condition, our Correspondent said many of the residents of River Gee are calling on the central government to see reason in the upgrading of the roads in leeward counties as the dry seasons approaches.

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