Liberian Public Schools Teachers Drop Chalks, Demands Resignation Of Education Minister, As Students Turned Teachers

One of the Students who helped in the absence of teacher in his school
One of the Students who helped in the absence of teacher in his school

Senior high students have now become teachers at various public schools around the Country as a result of a continue stay home for teachers in demand of the resignation of the Minister of Education, Mr. George Warner.

This move on the part of the public school teachers has gone nearly two months now after the Minister of Education announced that all public schools should sit for a nationwide exam in order to prove their qualification as trained and professional class room teachers.

Few years ago President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf described the Liberian Educational system as ‘Messy’ a situation that made many Liberians to call for the restructuring of the entire educational system of the country.

The recommendation of the Minister to call on all public schools teachers to re-sit  and take the exam being called by the minister must be adhered to by the teachers many of them they said are not qualified to be class room teachers.

“The Minister is right, these unqualified teachers in the Liberian school system have massively contributing the Country’s ‘essy Educational System,” Janeh K. Johnson a student at the University of Liberia Teacher’s College in a chat with the GNN said.

Correspondents of various radio stations in Monrovia from around the Country have confirmed that public schools teachers have resolved not to return to classes until the Minister of Education tenure in his letter of resignation.

The Correspondents said a team of officials from the National Teacher Association of Liberia is touring the entire Country to prevail on schools teachers to lay down chalks until the Minister of Education tenure in his letter of resignation to his boss, the President of Liberia.

According to report, teachers from around the country have attested their signatures on a document demanding the resignation of the Minister.

Detail will follow in our subsequent posting.

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