Member Of Anti-Tyler Bloc Denies His ‘Ghana Arrest’ Media Report, Saying He Saw Him In Accra

L/R: Rep. Alex Tyler and Rep. George Mulbah
L/R: Rep. Alex Tyler and Rep. George Mulbah

Following a widely publicized Liberian media report that the recusal Speaker of the Liberian House of Representatives, Alex J. Tyler was arrested in Ghana following the reported discovering of huge quantity of United States dollars in his possession in the amount of over US$100,000.00, one of the men who called for the recusal of the Speaker and is currently visiting Ghana has denied the report saying he saw him and his wife in the Ghanaian Capitol Accra with no situation of such.

Representative George Mulbah who is currently in Ghana speaking on a local radio station rubbished the report noting that few hours ago he saw the Recuesed Speaker Tyler and his wife in a rather happy frame of mind, and there was no sign of him being troubled of any situation while in that country as been reported in the Liberian media of his arrest.

Earlier in Monrovia, the Secretary General of the Liberian People’s Democratic Party (LPDP) also denied the report saying it was fabricated by detractors.

The report suggests that the speaker was hooked at the Accra airport with US$100,000 in his possession on Wednesday September 21, 2016.

Like Liberia, under Ghana law regarding local (Ghanaian Cedi-GHS) and foreign currencies, residents and non-residents are only allowed up to USD 10,000 –  or its equivalent, in travelers’ cheques or any other monetary instrument. “Passengers are required to declare the amounts to Customs and fill the BOG Foreign Exchange Declaration Form (FXDF) at the port of entry (or departure). Amounts exceeding USD 10,000 – will be seized.”

Recently Representative Tyler who has been indicted of bribery by the international corruption watch, the Global Witness in its report early this year was forced to recuesed himself from presiding over session due to his alleged link to the allegation.

Weeks after he finally bow to pressure for his recusal, he requested  the court to allow him to seek medical check abroad an excuse which was granted by the court to allow him to leave the country giving him nine days instead of the three months he earlier asked for.

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