Elephants Launch Attack In Northern Liberia, Farmers Flee Their Villages

00310917-9c395c6e2e124852b0e54edd71271a28-arc614x376-w1200Fresh report coming from northern Liberia, Gbarpolu County to be specific has revealed that dozens of elephants have made villagers and farmers to flee their farms due to this continues attack on their villages and farmlands by those gigantic animals that on a regular basis troops on their villages and farmland eating away their crops.

Our Correspondent who spoke from Bopulu City said as a result of these attacks by these fearful animals most farmers have return to their respective major towns abandoning their farms for fear of been attack to death by these animals.

According to our Correspondent, hunters in the area have all grouped themselves to chase these animals away from the farmlands of citizens who have abandoned their respective areas and awaiting the hunters to give them the go ahead to return to their villages and farmlands.

“I will not go back on the farm, because over five elephants attacked my farm this morning eating up all my crops planted including rice, okra and banana; these animals are fearful, we are afraid of our lives,” one of the  affected farmers who spoke to our Correspondent  in tears.

Gbarpolu is county is one of the fifteen counties located in the northern part of Liberia. Its capital city is Bopulu and has six districts, and covered 9,689 square kilometres (3,741 sq mi).

The County as of 2008 Census, had a population of 83,758, making it the eleventh most populous county in Liberia.

It was created in 2001 when it was split from Lofa County; Gbarpolu is the youngest county in Liberia. As of 2013, the County Superintendent is Samuel Brown.

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