Donald Trump Jr. says Astrid Silva could be deported if father elected

Donald Trump, Jr.
Donald Trump, Jr.

Washington –  Astrid Silva, a prominent undocumented migrant who lives in Nevada, urged Americans to vote for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton a day after the son of her GOP rival, Donald Trump, said she could be deported if his father is elected on Nov. 8.

“Donald Trump Jr.’s comments were offensive and frightening not only to my family but to immigrant families across Nevada and the country,” Silva said Friday in a statement.

“He does not know my family, but he was more than comfortable following in his father’s footsteps and demonizing undocumented immigrants by caricaturing us as a threat to the country we love,” she added.

She was responding to comments by Trump Jr., who said in a Las Vegas television interview on Thursday that Silva could be deported.

Asked if under a Trump presidency she could be forced to exit the country she has lived in for 24 years, the real-estate magnate’s son said it was a possibility.

“His policy has been that. You have to start the right way and everyone has to go through the same process. People who’ve done it and who’ve gone through that process legally, they shouldn’t be penalized,” he said. READ MORE OF THIS STORY

SOURCES: News Now/Fox News

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