Ron Paul: Donald Trump Wants To Audit The Federal Reserve

By Tim Hains/

Mr. Donald Trump
Mr. Donald Trump

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump said this week that the Federal Reserve is keeping interest rates low to keep the economy alfloat. “They’re keeping the rates artificially low so that Obama can go out and play golf after January and say that he did a good job,” Trump said Tuesday.

Former Congressman and longtime critic of Fed policies Ron Paul said Trump’s view was much closer to his than Hillary Clinton’s in an interview with Fox News Channel’s Neil Cavuto on Wednesday. “I find Hillary astounding,” Paul said. “For her to say that we shouldn’t comment on the Fed — it is off limits, don’t talk about it.”

“I think the members of the secret society of the Federal Reserve will love Hillary,” Paul said. “Because you’re not allowed to say anything. And yet, as you know, I consider the Federal Reserve and the monetizing of debt as being very important. Because I think the next step that we have, not only the desire to know what the Fed is doing –And Donald Trump wants to audit the Fed– I think the connection has to be known that the deficit can dealt with by the Federal Reserve, they just have to be prohibited from monetizing debt.” READ MORE OF THIS REPORT

SOURCES: News Now/Real Clear Online

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