Where was Trump on 9/11?

Donald-Trump-on-his-campaign-plane.jpg&imageversion=widescreen&maxw=770Whenever a source claims to have the makings of a blockbuster story, my ears perk up even as my BS meter climbs to 11. That was the case recently when a source told me she knew where Donald Trump was on Sept. 11, 2001, and it was not, as the presidential candidate claims, in New York. Trump said at a rally in November that he watched from his Trump Tower terrace on Sept. 11 as people jumped out of the World Trade Center—four miles downtown.

The source, who did not want her name used because she feared being targeted by Trump supporters, saw his remarks and offhandedly said to her daughter-in-law: “Well, I know he didn’t see that happening from his window because he wasn’t even in New York. He was in Florida with Neal and Tolly.”

Her friends Neal Travis—founding editor of the New York Post’s Page Six—and his wife, Tolly, were at Trump’s Palm Beach getaway, Mar-a-Lago. The source says she knew this because Neal called her from Florida after the attacks and asked whether there was any information about when planes would be allowed to land in the city again. Neil said, “Here’s Donald; talk to him,” she recalled to me last week. “Then I just heard this brusque voice going, ‘Have you heard anything?’ And I’m thinking, ‘Why are you asking me?’ I told him the same thing: I saw something in the [New York] Times about easing up on plane traffic.” READ MORE OF THIS STORY


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