In GT Bank Stealing Case First State Witness In GT Bank Completes Testimonies In Court

By Abraham Sollie/GNN Reporter

3o3bpd38pnmirldvvg.r600x315.c816f220The first state witness in the ongoing over US$126,000 stealing case involving the State through the Management of Guaranty Trust Bank and two former employees (tellers)  of the  bank  on Monday, September 5, 2016, completed her testimonies before the  Criminal Court “C”.

Criminal Court “C” is located at the Temple of Justice on Capitol Hill in Monrovia.

It can recalled that the Grand Jury of Montserrado County, on June 21, 2016, upon their oath, jointly indicted three former employees of GT Bank in persons of MontmorancyYancy, Stanley Yorsee and Emmanuel Togba of the City of Monrovia for the alleged crimes of Theft of Property, Misapplication of Entrusted Property, Criminal Conspiracy and Criminal Facilitation which the indictment said are in flagrant violation of 4LCLR, Title 26, Section 15.51(a); and 4LCLR, Title 26, Section 2.2(a)  and (b); and 4LCLR, Title 26, Section 15.6(a),(b),(e),(g) and (k); and 4LCLR, Title 26, Section 15.54 of the Statutory Law of Liberia.

 The indictment stated that  between the period May 28, 2015 up to and including June 29, 2015 while at the GT Bank in Monrovia, Co-defendant MontmorancyYancy, while serving as Posting Teller at the bank head office in Sinkor; by virtue of his position within the bank,  knowingly, purposely, criminally and intentionally colluded  and conspired with co-defendants Stanley Yorsee and Emmanuel L. Togba to take, defraud, deprive and steal monies in the tone of US$126,219 intended to be deposited into Total Liberia Inc. Account at the bank without the knowledge and approval of the said bank’s management.

The indictment among other things added that the defendants individually and collectively aided one another leading to the loss of the US$126,219 to the bank and that co-defendantsStanley Yorsee and Emmanuel Togba aided and abetted Co-defendant MontmorancyYancy in the commission of the crimes Theft of Property and Misapplication of Entrusted Property.

In her testimonies before the court, Witness OlusholaAlioha, Head of Banking Operations at GT Bank testified that Co-defendant Yorsee was head of operations at the bank’s Sinkor branch and was charged with the responsible for the all the activities of tellers at the bank in Sinkor including cash movement and that Co-defendant Yancy as a teller was responsible to receive and deposit customers cash and for printing managers’ checques for the bank.

“In July 2015, I received an email from the account officer of TotalLiberia with attachments of deposits slips that were not posted into their accounts. Now the deposits slips have three copies. One copy is for the teller, the second copy which is the yellow copy is for the customer and the pink copy which is the third copy is for the bank precisely the auditors. When a customer comes to the bank to make deposit, we have two types of tellers. We have the bulk teller and the live teller. The bulk teller is responsible to receive bulk deposits amounts from 20,000 both currencies (US$ and L$)  and above. Bulk tellers do not have system to post. Normally, when deposits are received from the bulk teller, he or she takes the deposits to the Head of Operations to verify with the amounts written on the sleep and the bulk teller takes the deposit with a log. The log is used as a control between the bulk teller and the live teller,” Witness Alioha said.

Witness Alioha furthered: “The control is that when the bulk teller brings the deposits to the live teller; the live teller receives the deposits from the bulk teller, the live teller verifies the deposits, when he or she is convinced that the cash or deposits corresponds with what is on the deposit slip and the deposit log book, he or she signs in the deposits’ log.”

She further testified that after receiving the attachments from Total Liberia, she immediately forwarded the email to Co-defendant Stanley Yorsee to verify in the company’s accounts as to whether the attachments were actually true.

“At this time, I was out of the bank to attend a meeting. After few hours he, Stanley Yorsee, called me that it is true that the deposits from Total Liberia were not in their accounts. I responded to him by telling him to check in the deposits log, the teller that is responsible for Total Liberia deposits that were not in their accounts. After few minutes, I called him back and he told me that MontmoreancyYancy  was the one that received the deposits from the bulk teller. When I got back to the bank around 4:00 P.M., I asked Stanley Yorsee to give me the deposits log and I was told that the deposits log suddenly disappeared. I immediately asked the security guards to immediately lock the bank  and made an announcement that no one be permitted to leave the banking hall,” she explained.

Witness Alioha among other things stated that she and all the staff at the bank began searching for the deposits log book and that they checked everywhere including the vault at which time she said that one of the bulk tellers she only identified as Francier told her (witness) that she saw Co-defendant Emmanuel Togba looking through the deposits log book.

Meanwhile  the case has been assigned the next hearing to today, Tuesday, September 6, 2016 at 9:00 AM.

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