Liberian Gov’t Finally Releases ‘Fula Hill Shooting’ Says There Is Nothing To Be Panic About, “But Unidentified Faces Arrest”

Cllr. Frederik Cheru, Liberia's Justice Minister
Cllr. Frederik Cheru, Liberia’s Justice Minister

After a long awaited response from the Liberian Government on the ‘Fula Hill’ August 7th, 2016 sporadic shooting that led to hundreds of villagers and farmers to flee for their lives in Bomi County, western Liberia last month, the Liberian Justice Minister has finally said the shooting that took in the ‘Fula Hill’ Community is not anything to be bothered about, but noted that an unidentified man is to be arrested.

Speaking at the Ministry of Information regular press conference, Liberian Minister of Justice, Cllr. Fredrick Cheru said the shooting that took place was just an ordinary situation noting that report gathered by the joint security indicated that man who was learning how to hit target begin shooting sporadically in the air making residents of the area to flee for their lives thinking that there were some intruders or armed men that have attacked their areas.

Mr. Cheru also refuted media report that quoted police sources from neighboring Sierra Leone that the sporadic shooting that led to Sierra Leoneans residing closed to the border between Liberia and their country was a result of some movie team who were on expedition on the Liberian side of the border, stressing, “That report quoting the Sierra Leonean police force is not the right story, but rather what I am telling you is the real story,” Minister Cheru during the press conference told journalists.

Prior to today’s press conference to clarify the ‘Fula Hill’ shooting incident by the Liberian Government, critics of the government have been complaining as to why the actual story of the shooting could not be released leaving Liberians to be panic until  authority from neighboring Sierra Leone came out to making clarifications on the issue.

Liberians began to worry about their security during the early days of this incident, August 7th, 2016, when the Ministry of Information two days after called a press conference with the intent that the Minister of Defense was going to clarify the frightening ‘Fula Hill’ incident, anxious journalists who went over to the Ministry were disappointed after nearly an hour sitting awaiting the arrival of the Minister but were told that the conference was cutoff due to absence of the Defense Minister.

At that moment journalists who had gone to the Ministry of Information for this ‘Important Press Conference” began to ponder over the rationale behind such action on the part of both Ministries of Information and Defense; given credence to rumors about the shooting incident in that part of the Country, especially when Liberian are trying to forget about war and the hearing of gun sounds.

“We hope this pronouncement been made by Liberia’s learned legal minds at the news conference today is in good faith, and not the other way around,” Ma May Toe a resident of Clara Town in a chat with our staff noted.

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