13 Complete ‘Drug’ Addicts To Disciples Rehabilitation Program

By Abraham S. Sollie / GNN Reporter

A2D Graduates in Jubilant mood at the Victorious Faith Ministry
A2D Graduates in Jubilant mood at the Victorious Faith Ministry

Thirteen drug addicts on Sunday, September 4, 2016 graduated from the Victorious Faith Ministry first cycle rehabilitation program named and styled: “Addict to Disciple” (A2D) Program and reunited with their families.

The A2D program, which is being undertaken by the Victorious Faith Ministry (VFM), a Church located on the Battery Factory Community, is intended to transform drug addicts into disciples of Jesus Christ by giving them salvation and the needed education to help them become useful to society.

The Battery Factory Community is located on the Somalia Drive in the Township of Gardnersville outside Monrovia.

Giving an overview of A2D Rehabilitation Program, Bishop Andrew Gombay founder and General Overseer of the Victorious Faith Ministry who is also the Focal Person of the Program, said that the vision for the program was born several years ago but came to a reality on January 1, 2016.

“As I looked at the streets of our country Liberia and saw the blood shut eyes of our youths, the increased crime rate, the makeshift structures called ghettos in almost every community etc., I was moved to not only take action but to acquire more knowledge from those who have high level of experience in handling and dealing addicts. My first mentor was Dr. David Hinn who took me through an effective and rigorous training in the USA on the subject of how to Disciple an addict,” explained Bishop Gombay.

The A2D program organizer stated that after the training, he prayed and began to  evangelize and disciple addicts for Jesus Christ upon his return to Liberia  from the United States stating: “ That is how it all started and the progress is phenomenon especially with the heart rendering testimonies from men and women that have been set free from the chains of addition here in Liberia.”

“The objective of this program is to snatch our youths from the web of addiction, to restore hope to addicts with the notion that with God, all things are possible, to set up A2D training center in every community, town and villages in Liberia, establish a rehabilitation center where these addicts will go through series of rehabilitation procedures in order to be made whole again, to use the most powerful and unfailing weapon to combat addiction which is the Word of God (Bible), to help reduce, minimize, or eradicate crime in our society using the alternative measure which is sharing the Love of God with them and to disciple an addict who will in turn disciple another addict to Chris Jesus,” he furthered.

He added that prayer is the pillar of their strength in winning the addicts to Christ followed by a disciple program and subsequent enrollment of the committed ones into the VFM’s A2D temporary Rehab center for a period re referred to as two weeks Lock Down for medication.

Bishop Gombay asserted that the program went on for about six months without the knowledge of the parents of the graduates he said spent years in the streets and ghettos like Center Street Cemetery among others.

He sued the occasion to call on the Church as a body to get up and go out to help restore and win those who have been abandoned.

“Those he before us in our churches are not our mission. We should not see ourselves as being too big to reach out to the lost and help the government save the society because it (government) cannot do everything. These people can only be changed through prayer and not by arresting them to lock them up or by promising them something. So what I want the government to do is to help us in this endeavor for setting up a rehabilitation center. We are only showing the government the way to transform these people. All will not stop by talking without action,” he among other things said.

The VFM A2D rehabilitation first graduation program was attended by the Executive Director for Technical Services at the National Port Authority, Madam Cecelia Cuffey-Brown, the Communications Director at the Ministry of Health, Mr. Sorbor George and his wife, Madam Ophelia George and a host other family members and friends of the graduates.

As part of her commitment, Madam Brown gave an initial contributing of US$300, 00 and promised to take the message out to her boss and other national stakeholders.

Madam Brown explained her success story to the A2D graduates, encouraged them to leave the ghettos for good and pledged her commitment to supporting the program.

Also, Mr. and Mrs. George gave an initial contribution of US$200,00 and among other things pledged two bags of rice at the end of every month.

For his part, Anderson Mombo on behalf of his colleagues lauded and appreciated Bishop Gombay and the VFM Foundation in Liberia for transforming them into disciple for Christ.

He said that they regret the time spent in the streets and ghettos and promised serve God throughout their lives.

 The A2D graduates include 12 males and one female.

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