UNICEF Denounces Lack of Access to Education of 18 Million Children

aa9United Nations, Sep 2 (Prensa Latina) The United Nations Fund for Children (UNICEF) reported today that about 18 million infants do not receive basic education in 10 crisis-affected countries, most notably in Liberia, Afghanistan, Sudan, South Sudan, Niger and Nigeria.

According to a report released today by UNICEF, Liberia is the country with the highest proportion of children affected, with nearly two thirds of its school population without attending school.

South Sudan followed, with 59 percent of infants who do not receive basic education and one out of three schools closed due to the armed conflict.

Other countries affected by the crisis, with an impact on the lack of education of children are Afghanistan (46 percent), Sudan (45), Niger (38) and Nigeria (34), highlighted today the digital site of the UN.

The report points out that a whole generation of children may loose the skills need to contribute to the economies of their countries affected by the crisis due to the lack of education.

UNICEF noted that education is still one of the least advantaged sectors in humanitarian assistance and noted that in 2015 the agencies involved received only 31 percent of the funds requested this sector, which represented a decrease of 66 percent compared to the previous decade. READ MORE OF THIS REPORT

SOURCES: NewsNow/Prensa Latina

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