Court Fines Bea Mountain Guilty Of ‘Bad Labor Practice’

Bea Mountain Mining General Manager, Debar Allen
Bea Mountain Mining General Manager, Debar Allen

The judge of the National Labor Court at the Temple of Justice, Comfort S. Nat, has ruled against the management of the Bea Mountain Mining Company of bad labor practice and wrongfully dismissing 551 Liberia contractors.

Judge Nat ordered that the management of the Company pay the hardship assistance of the 551 Liberian contractors who have suffered from the bad labor practice and wrongful dismissal.

Judge Nat also said the full amount to be awarded the contractors is to be determined by the calculation from the Ministry of Labor, noting, that as a result of the request of the employees, Bea Mountain Mining Company (BMMC) consents to provide a hardship assistance equivalent to one month compensation to each employee paid on a monthly basis.

The hardship assistance shall be provided within 10 days of the submission of the monthly payroll and subsequently by the International Construction and Engineering HR Team and its subsequent review and acceptance by the BMMC management.

Prior to the Judge’s decision, the dismissed contractor filed a complaint to the Court stating that they were working for the International Construction and Engineering Incorporated under constrained situation at its working site in Grand Cape Mount County.

The contractors further said why they were working with the Company, their employer left the country and told them that the Bea Mountain Mining Company will take full responsibility of their salaries and benefits, and further noted that the Company they were working got the contract from the Bea Mountain which they said did pay them for the months of June, July and August 2014 but failed to continue the payment until they went to Court.

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