Ebenezer Norman, Liberian Humanitarian In U.S. Brings “Kimberly Moore” To Liberia

Kimberly Moore Vanderkleijn
Kimberly Moore Vanderkleijn

One of America’s respected humanitarians, Kimberly Moore who has impacted the lives of over 40,000 underprivileged children around the world is expected to visit Liberia through the instrumentality of Ebenezer Norman the head of the New Dimension of Hope.

 Kimberly Moore who the Dalai Llama called a “True peace Ambassador and humanitarian” has been  placed in rank with Angelina Jolie, Senator Barbara Boxer, Elizabeth Taylor, Ambassador Swanee Hunt, Meryl Streep, Hellen Mirren for her numerous humanitarian work around the world.

Kimberly Moore who has immensely contributed to the needs of the less privileged children of the world was given a golden medal prepared by the International Royal Courts for her outstanding achievements in philanthropy.

Mr. Ebenezer Norman, a U.S. based Liberian humanitarian
Mr. Ebenezer Norman, a U.S. based Liberian humanitarian

This is no secret that baroness Kimberly Moore Vanderkleijn is a true humanitarian.  But what really inspired a woman, of such achievements, to leave her Beverly Hills home to follow Ebenezer Norman (A Liberian born-American philanthropist) is the question that flips the lips of many Liberians.

While others are pondering over the arrival to Liberia of this great woman, who in the great United States is highly respected for her humanitarian gesture she always exhibited to the global community in support of the children around the global community.

Tyler Fey (Son of the famous American rock concert promoter Barry Fey) and Ebenezer Norman visited the baroness at her Beverly Hills home in CA in June 2016.  Kimberly expressed she didn’t know what to expect meeting these two young men with absolutely different backgrounds, but she conveyed that it was during her conversation when she realized that she might be part of something more than herself.

Kimberly further said, “Perhaps one of the points that stuck with me the most was the sense of urgency everything has to be done ‘now’. She said that Ebenezer Norman spoke passionate about his love for the children of Liberia in a way that Included touchstones that Spoke to both her mind and her heart.

She added that his call to global action for education was clear and compelling but it was a hopeful note he ended with that moved her the most, “Anyone who cares about 8640 children dying a day will never turn down someone like Ebenezer Norman” Kimberly added. She believes that their partnership will influence many.

Liberians who spoke to this news outlet say they will give Mr. Norman and his guest a rousing welcome to Liberia.

 Remember, Ebenezer Norman built a school that was a center hope for 102 kids

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