Update: PUL President Rubbishes Media Report Of Receiving CASH and Vehicle From ALP Political Leader, As Another Media Group Picks Bone With PUL Leadership

SERIOUS ALLEGATION: ALP Political Leader, Benoni Urey, PUL President, K. Abdullai Kamara and PUL Vice President Jallah Grayfield at the center of 'Corruption' allegation

The President of the Press Union of Liberia has vowed not to give credence to today’s article published in The Informer Newspaper that he (K. Abdullai Kamara) and his Vice President (Jallah Grayfield)  “held a closed door meeting with the political leader of the All Liberia Party (ALP), businessman Benoni Urey on his farm at which time he promised to give them a vehicle and a cash of US$5,000.00  if the leadership stands on his side in the fight of the reopening his two media institutions; Voice FM & LIB-24 Radio and TV”.

Mr, Kamara speaking to the GNN preferred not to give credence to what he called ‘Trash’, noting, “I don’t want to waste my time in responding such fallacy”, Mr. Kamara in his relaxed state of mind  stressed.


In its publication which drew the attention of Liberian media stakeholders, the paper said, the ALP Political Leader, Benoni Urey, PUL President, K. Abdullai Kamara and PUL Vice President Jallah Grayfield  recently held talks behind closed door on the farm of the ALP political leader.

The paper quoting unconfirmed reports said the  Press Union of Liberia (PUL) delegation which was headed by its President, Mr. K. Abdullai Kamara were last week seen in the Wokie’s farm of Liberian politician, Benoni Urey, where they allegedly held a closed door meeting with businessman turned politician Mr. Benoni Urey.

The paper quoting an insider, who preferred not to be named, said the secret meeting was held on Monday, August 15, 2016 at about 6:30 PM.

The souse, according to the paper named two senior officials of the PUL in persons of the Union’s President Mr. Abdullai Kamara and his Vice President Jallah Grayfield along with some senior employees of LIB-24 and Voice FM Manager, Mr. Henry Costa, amongst others.

Even though the information has not been independently confirmed, but our source said there was an exchange of money during the secret meeting with the All Liberian Party (ALP) Political Leader, Mr. Benoni Urey, on his Farm in Careysburg outside Monrovia.

He said the money was sealed up in a small brown envelop and was handed over to them by Mr. Urey at the close of the meeting.

According to our source, the ALP Political Leader also promised to give the PUL leadership a vehicle and cash of US$5, 000.00 if the leadership stands on his side in the fight of reopening the two media institutions; Voice FM & LIB-24 Radio and TV.

Mr. Urey is the owner of the two media institutions, but the Government of Liberia says Voice FM was illegally operating without the knowledge of entities responsible for granting permits to media institution in the country, and LIB-24 Radio & TV was also closed down by Government for stealing money from Government for nearly five years without paying taxes to the Liberian Government, the change of the Station’s name from Love FM & TV to LIB-24 without the full knowledge of the Government, including other unethical performances at their broadcast institutions and the preaching of ‘hit messages’.

Recently, the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) has been hitting strong on Government for the closing of the two media entities: LIB-24, Love FM & TV that it is a clampdown on press freedom with additional information that the Government is contemplating to close down 14 (Fourteen) other media institutions in the country.

Further investigation is ongoing, though the PUL is yet to officially respond to this latest development,

It is also alleged that Mr. Kamara is been pushed by his Vice President, Mr. Jallah Grayfield who is noted of been money conscious.

It can be recalled that sometimes ago, Vice President Grayfield was suspended by the Union for his allegedly participation in the awarding of a certificate to an educator, Mr. Ceebee Barshell under the Publishers and Broadcasters Association of Liberia. The Union at the time described the award as “Bogus.”

The paper said when the President of PUL was contacted he denied the report, saying it is totally false and misleading, terming the report as foolish and nonsense.

In a related development, another media group, the Strategic Journalist Committee in a press statement issued today immediately after the publication of the ‘Damaging Report’ said it has condemned recent statement issued by the leadership of the PUL calling for the unconditional reopening of the LIB24 and Voice FM radio stations by the Government of Liberia.

The group’s statement signed by its National Chairman, Ruodoxon Fayiah further noted, “Why it is in sympathy with the two radio stations, it seems the action on the part of the leadership of the PUL as an embarrassment to the entire media landscape of Liberia.”

The statement further said, “Instead of the PUL leadership calling for the unconditional reopening of the stations, the PUL leadership should have served as mediator given the circumstances surrounding the closure of the two radio stations.

The group in its statement also said its attention has been drawn to today’s newspaper publication accusing the leadership of the PUL of accepting bribe from the owner of the two radio stations who is also a political leader of the ALP, Mr. Benoni Urey to influence its decision.

Meanwhile, the group in the statement is also call for an independent investigation of bribery reported against the leadership of the PUL in order to establish the facts surrounding the publication.

The press statement issued by the group further stressed further

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