Transparency International Highlights Liberia’s Corruption, Bribery In All Sector, Including Judiciary, Media, And Others

copAccording to the Transparency International, over the past two years how the level of corruption in Liberia has changed, giving the views of the general public and corruption has penetrated in every sector of the Liberian society ranking from the religious setting to the media.

According to the report, percentage of respondents of those who felt these institutions were either corrupt are as follow: for political parties 71%, Legislature 96%  , 51% in the military, 45% in the NGO setting, 53% in the media setting, 22% in the religious setting, 78 in the business setting, 81% in the educational setting, 89% in the judicial setting, 49% in the health setting, 94% in the police, 67% in the public setting.

On the issue of bribery in Liberia the Transparency InternationaI quoting respondents said 77% receive bribe in the police, 51% of those in the registry and permits, 55% utilities, 62% tax revenue, 42% for land services, 75% education services, 77% judicial services, 40% medical and health services.

On the issue of fighting these ills in the Liberian society here are the percentages; 54% agree that it can be fought, 32% agree,  5% disagree, while 9% strongly disagree.

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