U.S. Based Wants Liberian Gov’t Resolve Speaker Tyler’s Bribery Case

Mr. Jarwinken Wiah
Mr. Jarwinken Wiah

The Emancipation Movement of Liberia, Inc. (EMOL) is calling on the Liberian Government to resolve the current alleged bribery case involving House Speaker Alex Tyler and other members of the House through the conduit of rule of law and constitutional means.

Global Witness, an independent international watch dog said it has uncovered US$950.000 alleged bribes and other suspicious payments by U.K mining firm Sable Mining and its Liberian lawyer, Varney Sherman. Some cabinet members were also accused by the report.

Reacting to the allegations, the Liberian Government announced an investigation to get to the depth.  EMOL welcomes the decision of the Liberian Government.

In a press lease from the United States, EMOL said all those involved including their sympathizers should reflect soberly on the consequences of previous conflicts, which resulted to long and brutal civil wars for failures to resolve them through the rule of law or constitutional means.

In a release signed by Jarwinken Wiah, Executive Director, EMOL said bribery and other forms of corruption are present in every government world-wide including the United States, but the way the governments of individual countries resolve these cases make the big difference.

EMOL said the use of force in any shape or form is an unacceptable choice as it is   the last thing war-weary Liberians need right now.

The failure of any government to adjudicate cases involving its members or the powerful through the rule of law or constitutional means is an indictment of the whole country.

Everyone involves in the alleged bribery case should recognize that serving in a position of power in any society is an opportunity to earn the trust of the people by initiating undertakings that improve livelihoods through the creation of learning and other empowerment opportunities.

The task at hand now is voters’ education to prepare the Liberian population for effective participation in the general and presidential elections of 2017, which EMOL has signed up to be a part of for a peaceful transition of power.

EMOL is also calling on the Liberian government to reflect on the July 11, 2009 call on African governments by President Barack Obama when he addressed the Ghanaian Parliament that “Africa does not need strong leaders, but strong rule of law and strong institutions.”

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