Chinese medical team expands services in Liberia

By Fredrick P. W. Gaye (People’s Daily Online)

China’s ninth medical team in Liberia has begun expanding its free services in a bid to reach many institutions and communities.

Members of the team on Saturday, August 20, 2016 carried out a medical outreach program to the Liberia Medicines and Health Product Regulatory Authority (LMHRA) in Monrovia.

Members of the Chinese medical team with Liberian friends
Members of the Chinese medical team with Liberian friends

Ms. Journey Ben, a member of the team, told journalists that the latest move by the Chinese team was to work along with 40 employees at the LMHRA in carrying out various services.

Ms. Ben said during the service, the team treated patients in various categories such as Internal Medicine, Ophthalmology, OB/GYN, Blood pressure monitoring, EKG for heart patients and Malaria, among others.

She stated that the group also conducted free lab for some diseases including HIV/AIDs, Glu, Cr, and HBsAg, among others.

Other diseases targeted by the Chinese team include Cataract, Glaucoma, Conjunctivitis and Refractive errors in the eye category, and Hypertension, Heart Attack, Diabetes, Malaria and systemic diseases in the medical area. In the OB/GYN category, they treated PID, Vaginitis, UTI among others.

Ms. Ben pointed out that the initiative by the Medical team is aimed at further enhancing the strong bond of friendship between Liberia and China.

“We want to enhance the relationship between our two countries, and to achieve that, we decided to devote part of our services to our Liberian friends on a free of charge basis,” said Ms. Ben.

Apart from the free medical outreach program, Ms. Ben said the team works during week days at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital, Liberia’s highest public medical center.

She lauded the JFK management and local doctors for good cooperation and support towards her team. She also thanked the Chinese Government through its Embassy in Monrovia for providing them support to the execution of their assigned task.

Beneficiaries of the medical services were seen in joyous mood praising China for its continuous contributions to Liberia. They described the presence of the Chinese doctors as hope for the Liberia’s health system. They also recounted China’s intervention during the Ebola situation and other sectors in Liberia. “China is our friend now forever because it comes on our aid anytime we are in need and building our country,” one of the female beneficiaries said after going through a successful medical service.

Chinese medical team donating supplies to Liberia’s health authorities in January
Chinese medical team donating supplies to Liberia’s health authorities in January

At the same time, employees of the Liberia Medicines and Health Product Regulatory Authority said they are also acquiring added medical knowledge from the Chinese team. The team is not only providing medical services, its members are also sharing.

Emmanuel Weedee-Conway, a Liberian journalist in Monrovia, contributed to this story. Weeedee-Conway is one of the participated in a media training program in China.

The latest medical outreach program by the China Medical Team was in continuation of its free medical services across Monrovia and its environs. It marked the 8th of its kind of the Team’s free medical programs. It has been providing services to many institutions and communities including the headquarters of the Liberia National Police (LNP) in Monrovia.

Due to its robustness in the health sector of the country, the Medical Team has gained great recognition. This was manifested when the team was awarded one of Liberia’s prestigious accolades, the Golden Image Award (GIA).

Chinese medical team donating supplies to Liberia’s health authorities in January
Chinese medical team donating supplies to Liberia’s health authorities in January

In January of this year, another Chinese medical team donated some medical and nutritional supplies to Liberia’s top public health center, JFK, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare as well as other medical center.

Fredrick P. W. Gaye is the News Editor of In Profile Daily Newspaper in Liberia, a fellow at the China Africa Press Center (CAPC) and an intern at People’s Daily Online. He can be reached by:

SOURCES: NewsNow/The People’s Daily Online

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