“Take Advantage Of Vocational, Technical Trainings” Deputy Minister Neuville Urges Young Liberians

By Abraham S. Sollie/GNN Reporter

 (L-R), MVTC Acting Director, Mr. Wilfred S.K. Payne in a handshake with the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, Rufus Neuville.
(L-R), MVTC Acting Director, Mr. Wilfred S.K. Payne in a handshake with the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, Rufus Neuville.

The Deputy Minister for Technical and Vocational Services at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Rufus Neuville, has called on young Liberians to take advantage of vocational and technical trainings so as to enable them become productive people in society.

Min. Neuville  said vocational and technical skills will help young Liberians live a better life in part of the world if they fine themselves.

The Youth and Sports Deputy Minister made this call Wednesday, August 17, 2016, shortly after taking a major tour of the facility of the Monrovia Vocational and Technical Center (MVTC) on the Somalia Drive in Paynesville since he took over as deputy youth and sports minister.

Min. Neuville stated that there is a need for young people to get involved with advancing themselves through vocational and technical training.

He noted that vocational and technical training, when taken seriously will help transform the lives of many youth including those who have never acquire formal education.

He added that he would be glad to seeing young people especially those who feel that society all is lost taking up their times to acquire skills that will help them for  a better tomorrow.

Min. Neuville among other expressed his heartfelt desire to working with MVTC and other vocational and technical training institutions in helping young people become self-reliant and professional people.

For his part, the Acting Director of MVTC, Mr. Wilfred S. K. Payne, lauded Min. Neuville for the visit stating that the visit is a clear manifestation of his (Min. Neuville’s) zeal to contributing to the transformation of Liberian youth.

“It is a good thing to have him here today. I can see the zest in him that he really came to help shift the lives of young people,” Mr. Payne said.

Mr. Payne attributed the late opening of MVTC as a result of the renovation works if the some of the buildings that were constructed since 1978.

He stated that there are about 2759 students that have enrolled at the MVTC since the center reopened after the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus disease.

He furthered that there the current training circle is divided into two sessions he named as Morning (AM) and Afternoon (PM) stating that the AM session which contains the new students has more enrollment unlike the PM session.

Like Min. Neuville, Mr. Payne also called on young people to take advantage of the 18 months technical and vocational training offered by the MVTC.

Furthered Mr. Payne: “Technical and vocational Education (TeVe) is one of the best ways of making Liberia a middle income country.”

Mr. Payne named the lack of standardized curriculum, inadequate training materials and the lack of central regulatory body as major challenges faced by the TeVe sector.

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