In JFK Financial Syndicate Case: Dismissed CFO Explains How IT Staff Got Access To Administrative Password

By Abraham S. Sollie/GNN Judicial Reporter

jfk-entranceThe dismissed Chief Financial Officer of the John F. Kennedy Medical Center (JFKMC), has  explained in court how one of the defendants in the financial syndicate at the hospital got access to the center’s  administrative password that led to the alleged  commission of the crimes.

The JFKMC dismissed Chief Financial Officer, Madam Serina Gbaba, told the court last Thursday, August 11, 2016 that Defendant Rabeah Arnous got access to the password on August 14, 2015 when she asked him (Rabeah) to install software on her computer that could enable her get access to what she referred to as QuickBooks.

Madam Gbaba, who was dismissed shortly after the discovery of the  fraud  allegedly carried on by Defendant Rabeah Arnous and several other  for allegedly carrying financial malpractice at the JFKMC, appeared before the court as the first rebuttal witness.

Madam Gbaba and two others were  called by the state to rebut to several things said against them  by Defendant Rabeah during his testimonies before the court.

In his testimony, Defendant Rabeah told the court that he did not work on any computer belonging to Witness  Gbaba, Ms. Zonie Dockie becaue he said he was never requested to do so.

However, Defendant Rabeah among other things, testified while on the witness stand  during the cross examination said that  it was only  on January 20, 2016 he worked on Witness  Gbaba’s computer after which he said he was given a suspension letter.

“On August 14, 2015, I asked Mr. Rabeah to install the software on my computer that will enable me to access QuickBooks on my computer; I told him I did not know the name of the software. He went to his office and after a while came back with the name Team Viewer written on a piece of paper and informed me that Team Viewer will enable me to access QuickBooks. Given that I have an Apple computer, the installation was complicated and I needed his assistance to complete it,” she rebutted.

Furthered Witness Gbaba: “Once Team Viewer was installed on my computer, it immediately asked for password, he then informed me not to worry about Team Viewer because we did not have Wifi at the Medical Center; it was my phone internet hotspot that was used. He then left me in my office, went to his office and returned with the name RDC Connector on another sheet and told me to install the software, he assisted me in   installing the RDC software, it was only then the same August 14, 2015 that I was able to access QuickBooks.”

She added that she at no time use Team Viewer after the initial installation with Mr. Rabeah and that he (Defendant Rebeah) did not explain to her the negatives of Team Viewer whether or not it could enable him access her computer.

“It was only after the fraud had been discovered and I pondered on how passwords were accessed that I remembered this software that I have never use and looked up its purpose. My computer logs shows and verifies that Team Viewer was installed on August 14, 2015 and from that date my computer was accessed by other computers using Team Viewer,” Witness Gbaba noted.

Witness Gbaba among other things testified that she in confidence due Defendant Rabeah’s responsibilities as IT staff emailed to him the administrative password after informing her that QuickBooks software was not functioning properly and needed to be updated.

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