China Makes Its Latest Power Play in the East China Sea

china-aggression-east-china-seaIt’s betting that the U.S. will let its continued aggression go unchecked. Just when you thought it might be safe to go back into the water

 Last month, the Hague’s Permanent Court of Arbitration sharply rebuked China over its bogus claims to sovereignty over the South China Sea — claims it’s used to bully and intimidate every country bordering the sea’s shores.

The Hague ruled those claims had “no legal basis,” and went on to condemn China’s ongoing construction of artificial islands out of coral reefs in the South China Sea atoll marked on the map as the Spratlys, to which numerous countries have claims but which China wants as its own for air strips and other military facilities.

Of course, no one really expected China would back down or stop building what our Pacific Command (PACOM) Commander-in-Chief Admiral Harry Harris has dubbed its “Great Wall of Sand” in the Spratlys. Indeed, China’s defiance has gotten to the point where it announced it was going to stage naval exercises in the area together with Russia, and planned unilaterally to close off sections of the South China Sea. READ MORE OF THIS REPORT

SOURCES:  National Review

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