In GW Bribery Case: Speaker Tyler Wants Evidence Against Him Disclosed

{By Abraham S. Sollie/GNN Judicial Reporter}

Indicted House Speaker Alex Tyler
Indicted House Speaker Alex Tyler

The indicted Speaker of the Liberian House of Representatives, J. Alex Tyler,  has disclosed that his legal team has requested the Presiding Judge of Criminal Court “C”, Emery S. Paye,  to order the state to produce evidence against if the trial is to proceed.

Speaker Tyler, in a seven-count motion for Disclosure and Access To Evidence, prayed the court to grant his request and order the state to produce all the evidences in its (state’s) possession for the prosecution of the alleged bribery case.

Speaker Tyler stated that he wants the state to produce the evidence because according to him, he wants to make or produce copies of said whenever evidences against him are produce physically produced.

He added that his request is based on the fact he along with Senator H. Varney G. Sherman, ECB Jones, Christopher Onanuga and Sable Mining, Inc were indicted for the commission of the crimes of Bribery, Criminal Conspiracy, Economic Sabotage, Criminal Solicitation and Criminal Facilitation a case he said is pending before the court.

He furthered noted that his request for the state to disclose the evidence is in line with section 17.2 of the Criminal Procedure Law with caption “Pretrial Examination of Books and Records.

Speaker Tyler among other things noted that his request is being made in good faith and that it is not intended to delay or baffle justice.

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