Liberia’s Rain-forests In Danger

SDI-Liberia_tropical_forest-CC-USAID-2007-smallMonrovia, 4 August 2016 – Reference is made to the news article entitled “Liberia’s Rainforests In Danger” that appeared in Daily Observer on July 27, 2016.

Sime Darby is not involved in logging or the extraction of timber. With regard to clearing of land for the cultivation of oil palm, please note that Sime Darby Plantation has had a moratorium on any clearing of land since September 2014. The moratorium has allowed the company to study the need for the conservation of high carbon stock forests; an effort we are undertaking with several stakeholders including group of growers, NGOs and scientists under the umbrella of the High Carbon Stock (HCS) Approach.

Prior to September 2014, Sime Darby Plantation also had strict policies and guidelines on the preservation and protection of HCV (High Carbon Value) areas including Environment & Biodiversity Policy and Slope & River Protection Policy. Sime Darby Plantation has observed both these policies for all new land development activities in Liberia.

Today, new land development is still put on hold as the HCS Approach pilot is currently being conducted in SDPL’s concession area. This is despite SDPL being pressured by the communities to start developing their land for oil palm plantation to create much needed opportunities for employment and economic development.

With the above commitment to ensuring that our plantation development is carbon neutral, conflict-free, transparent and equitable to stakeholders, Liberians can be rest assured that Sime Darby will not be carrying out logging activities within its concession area even if the government decide to introduce the Conversion Timber/Logging regulation in the country.

Striking the balance between people, planet and prosperity in new developments has always been Sime Darby’s objective. As we now frame this thinking within the global sustainable development goals we urge all stakeholders to work together in the development of an equitable solution for countries like Liberia have much need for economic growth to alleviate poverty.

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