Germany gripped with fear as fourth violent attack leaves a dozen people injured

uni1469434496{BNN Online/BAVARIA, Germany} – At least 12 people were injured after a Syrian man set off a bomb outside the venue of a packed music festival in a small German town, Ansbach.

The police that has launched an investigation into the bombing have said that out of those injured, three are in a serious condition.

Bavarian state officials have condemned the attack that is being seen as the fourth violent attack in the country in less than a week.

Senior officials have identified the bomber as a 27-year-old Syrian man, who was denied asylum in Germany a year back. His intentions, however, remain unclear, especially after the Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann revealed in a press conference on Monday that the man had arrived in Germany two years back and had tried to commit suicide twice before.

He said that the man was denied entry to the Ansbach Open music festival minutes before the explosion that took place outside a restaurant called Eugens Weinstube.

The police said that soon after the explosion, over 2,000 people were evacuated from the festival and the area was cordoned off as investigators explored the blast site for hours.

Herrmann added that it was not clear at this point if the man, who had been living in Ansbach for some time now, planned to kill only himself or “take others with him into death.”

The Minister further said, “It’s terrible … that someone who came into our country to seek shelter has now committed such a heinous act and injured a large number of people who are at home here, some seriously. It’s a further, horrific attack that will increase the already growing security concerns of our citizens. We must do everything possible to prevent the spread of such violence in our country by people who came here to ask for asylum.”

The incident is said to have occurred southwest of Nuremberg that houses a U.S. Army base.

Herrmann has not ruled out the possibility of the incident being an Islamist-inspired attack and pointed out that the man’s backpack was filled with explosives and metal parts that would have been sufficient to kill more people.

The minister has assured that investigators were working hard to probe the attack and get to the bottom of it, to understand the bomber’s motive.

Reports emerged from Reutlingen city earlier on Sunday after a 21-year-old Syrian refugee was arrested for using a machete and killing a pregnant woman and leaving two others injured.

The Reutlingen attack and the most recent bombing have come merely days after a teenager terrorised Munich as he opened fire inside a mall, leaving nine people dead; and after a refugee launched an axe attack inside a train in Southern German, leaving four people injured.

While the train attack was claimed by the Islamic State (ISIS) militant group, the attack in Munich and Reutlingen are not being seen as relating to the Islamic State.

The attacks in Germany came days after a deadly attack in France’s Nice where a Tunisian man drove a truck into the crowd celebrating the Bastille Day holiday, brutally killing 84 people.

According to reports, the attacks are bound to drive more dissent and criticism against German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s policy to welcome refugees into the country, which created mass anger right at the start of 2016 after the Cologne sexual attacks.

Over a million migrants from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan are said to have entered Germany over the last 12 months.


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