Liberia’s 2017 Elections: What a Surprise Note – Boah, Joseph Ticket

(L/R): Carlton Boah and Rep Saah Joseph
(L/R): Carlton Boah and Rep Saah Joseph

Amidst the fervor leading to the formation of partnerships in the national political space,  reliable sources in officialdom have whispered that Montserrado County District #13 Representative Saah Joseph, is expected to become the Vice Standard bearer to Presidential aspirant Carlton Boah, during the ensuing 2017 general elections.

If proven to be the case, the latest development, according to multiple loyal sources wields enormous prosperity within the Liberian political sphere because the presumed candidates hail from vote rich counties of Nimba and Lofa respectively.

Presidential aspirant Carlton Boah hails from vote rich Tappita District, lower Nimba, while the Montserrado County lawmaker, who is widely rumored to become his running mate hails from Lofa County with reports that both candidates wields enormous influence in their birth constituencies.

Aspirant Boah, with decades of passionate public service; dedicated Journalist and ex-publisher of the Independent In Profile Daily newspaper, whose enviable public track records has wooed thousands of supporters within the ranks of “Friends of Carlton Boah” is poised to attract destitute Liberians.

 While the leaked information of a formidable political alignment between aspirant Carlton Boah and Representative Saah Joseph has not been independently confirmed, however, sources divulged that the discussion has already been solidified.

The former pen-pusher cum formidable Presidential Candidate recently visited several counties in Liberia and was received upon arrival by multitudes of cheering crowd, which included friends, politicians, business community, students, elderly, opinion leaders and passionate youths.

 Accordingly, Representative Joseph, who is one of the most outstanding and generous lawmaker was decorated by local and international organizations as “Ebola hero” due to his immense humanitarian assistance rendered to Liberians, Sierra Leoneans, Guineans as well as international organizations through his financial and moral support during the spread of the Ebola virus.

 During the height of the Ebola virus, the Montserrado county District #13 Representative sourced US$150,000 loan in shipment and maintenance of vehicles to serve and protect the interest of Liberians at the time of distress.

 In his patriotic quest to save humanity, the government of Sierra Leone extolled the efforts of Representative Saah Joseph in the fight against the deadly Ebola virus, which claimed the lives of over 8,000 citizens in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and other nations.

Here in Liberia, Rep. Saah Joseph is one of the most credited Liberian and within his meager resource, he went beyond Liberia into Sierra Leone to provide the same services, which prompted the government of Sierra Leone to heap praises “for being thoughtful in joining health workers in that Country to battle the deadly Ebola virus.”

Quoting Global News Network (GNN), Representative Joseph was lauded for the presentation of three Ambulances to Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Health and Sanitation on behalf of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the government of Liberia at the Youyi Building compound in Freetown.

“My team is divided into two, and when deployed will be working 24 hours around the clock with the resolve to achieve the mission’s desired goal in their collective efforts to contain the epidemic in the country,” Rep. Joseph told the gathering

 During the presentation, Representative Joseph said while residing in Sierra Leone as refugee for 15 years, he felt indebted to the warm reception and hospitality accorded him during his stay, and pledged his team commitment and solidarity in the fight to eliminate the disease in the three sisterly countries.

 At the occasion, the Deputy Minister of Health and Sanitation Foday Sawi who spoke on behalf of the Sierra Leone government reiterated the commitment of President Koroma, the government and partners in the fight against the disease.

 “Who have never heard of a Legislator reaching out so selflessly to his people in a deliberate and determined effort to relieve them from the viral suffering and drive the deadly Ebola menace out of Liberia? Citizens extolled Rep. Representative Saah Joseph.

 In an official opening of the fourth session of the 53rd Legislature, House Speaker Alex Tyler said: “Saah Joseph is an “Ebola hero.” Our Country has “truly been tested by fire, by war and now by this pestilence of biblical proportions.” That the Ebola virus is now leaving Liberia due partly to the relentless efforts of this patriotic Montserrado Representative, the Speaker declared.

 Also, Vice President Boakai, who extolled the selfless services of Rep. Joseph, described him as “remarkable and highly appreciable.”

The availability of five ambulances, owned and supported by the Montserrado lawmaker, the VP declared, “Contributed immeasurably to the huge success that has led to very low infection rate.”

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said the news of Liberia’s deployment in Sierra Leone was in her words “wonderfully good news that must be celebrated.”  Saah Joseph, she added, was one of “the first respondents on the Ebola front-line.”

“You were one of the first on the Ebola frontline and faced with the virus when lots of people did not know the disease well and were afraid and confused,” she told the patriotic and fearless lawmaker.

“You and your team braved the storm when doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers as well as our citizens were dying in their numbers. “You are a true hero of our country,” President Sirleaf declared.

 Scores of Liberians in an interview expressed optimism that the collaboration could yield positive results for the seemingly collapsed economy and jobless citizens during the conduct of the 2017 general and presidential elections.

My name a Foday, a junior reading political science at the University of Liberia, “And as a political watcher, I think this is the best ticket that presents Liberians real chance of moving this country in the right direction; both men I heard are traditionally grounded and relate well with people”.

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