‘We are Up To the Task’ – Montserrado Health Officer Asserts

Dr. Yatta Sackie Wapoe
Dr. Yatta Sackie Wapoe

Montserrado County Health Officer, Dr. Yatta Sackie Wapoe says the County is ready amidst challenges and prepared in the delivery of healthcare services to the county and its environs.

Dr. Wapoe said the County currently has over 280 healthcare facilities, among which 230 are owned by government whilst the rest are private run healthcare facilities within the county.

Montserrado County was one of the hardest hit counties in the recently ended Ebola emergency in the country. The county play host to the political capitol of the country and has the population over one point three million people.

Dr. Wapoe furthered that the county (Montserrado) is divided into seven health districts and this demarcation is aimed at providing proper and adequate healthcare delivery services to the people of Montserrado.

Speaking in an interview with a team of journalists at her Paynesville office outside Monrovia recently to news men, Dr. Wapoe asserted the health activities in the county are improving in significant manner and more people in the counties are seeing the reason to seek medical attention a proper medical center than the case before when many people turn on being their doctors. She divulged that the county being one of the counties with other autonomous public medical facilities and private ones, the Montserrado Team can boast of   cordial relationship between her office and the rest of the other healthcare facilities within the county for smooth running of the county health sector.

When quizzed by news men about why the Montserrado Health Team is not been headquartered and hosted in the provincial/administrative Capitol of the County Bensenville, Dr.  Wapoe disclosed that at current the Ministry of Health has secure a land and is  constructing a state-of- the-art medical facility in  Bensenville and the facility will host the county health offices.

On account of the country recent past with the deadly Ebola crises, Dr.  Wapoe said that though the deadly virus brought serious challenge to the health sector of the country, the government and partners through the Ministry of Health have increase support to the sector. She furthered assured people in Montserrado County that the Ministry of Health through the County Health Team along with its partners is revamping the entire sector.

“We are ready for a fact because Liberia has gone through a whole lot and the Ministry of Health through her partners has put in a lot to train our healthcare workers. As I speak to you Montserrado County has responded to two separate Ebola outbreaks in the county,” Dr. Wapoe told Journalists.

Dr. Wapoe disclosed that the county has just completed its Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPR) for the County which according to her is in line with the Ministry of Health policy for each county across the country.

She revealed that this EPR plan has to do with the full preparedness of every county so as to provide better, quality and proper healthcare delivery services to the people and the country at large.

The Montserrado County Health Officer at the same time indicated that the Ministry of Health has taken the issue of maternal mortality very seriously thereby reducing the rate of maternal mortality in the country.

“we believe that no woman should died while giving birth and because of this believe, we have set-up a response team to address these cases when they arises, especially at the level of Montserrado County Healthcare Service,” she noted.

Meanwhile, Dr. Wapoe is encouraging pregnant women to be able to take advantage of the various healthcare facilities within their area as soon as possible in order to avoid this issue of Maternal Mortality.

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