Theresa May to take over as British Prime Minister, faces great task of making Brexit a success

UK New PM, Theresa May
UK New PM, Theresa May

{BNN/LONDON, U.K.}  – Theresa May is all set to take over as the Prime Minister of Britain on Wednesday. She has the mammoth task of extricating Britain from the European Union and also to unite a country which is reeling under uncertainty.

According to reports, Theresa May is the second woman Prime Minister of Britain after Margaret Thatcher.

The sudden change in leadership of Britain comes after the resignation of Davis Cameron who quit after Britain voted to ‘Leave’ the European Union in the June 23 referendum.

That created a leadership contest within the Conservative Party and the next Prime Minister was to be decided by September. But in a sudden change of events, Andrea Leadsom, May’s last rival, withdrew from the race, paving way for May to take over after Cameron.

Reports indicate that after taking part in his last weekly session of Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) in parliament’s House of Commons at lunchtime, he will head over to the Buckingham Palace to hand over his resignation to Queen Elizabeth.

May is expected to enter Number 10 Downing Street as the PM by the end of the day.

As soon as May takes over, she is expected to form a cabinet immediately and also take on the Brexit issue.

May had campaigned for Britain to ‘Remain’ but since the vote, she has said, “Brexit is Brexit” and is striving to make it a success.

Cabinet minister Chris Grayling, who campaigned for Brexit and managed May’s leadership campaign has said, “Of course Theresa is going to want to make sure she’s got a balanced ticket that represents the views of different parts of the party.”

May has said that she plans to form a different government department which will lead the process of Britain’s exit from EU and she plans to appoint a ‘Leave’ campaigner to head it.

Grayling said, “That’s very sensible. It will ensure confidence among those in the party who did campaign to leave that they have a champion who believes in what they campaigned for.”

Meanwhile, May is planning to promote many female Conservative colleagues and bring them in for key cabinet positions. Allies are said to include Amber Rudd, energy secretary, and Justine Greening, international development secretary. They are expected to be given prominent positions.

The female appointments are to make sure that there is a more gender-balanced cabinet which has been requested by campaigners to improve policymaking.

A spokesperson for May said, “It was Theresa who set up the campaign to elect more female MPs to parliament, and she has always believed that there should be more women in prominent government positions.”

Owen Smith to challenge Corbyn as Labour Party leader

Owen Smith, former pensions secretary will challenge Jeremy Corbyn for the position of leader of the Labour Party. Smith said Corbyn is a good man but “not a leader who can lead us into an election and win for Labour.”

He added, “Working people cannot afford to have a day like today when the Tories are popping champagne corks and celebrating their coronation and the prospect of a Labour government feels so distant.”


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