Former Republican presidents sidle out of party convention; Trump lashes out at Ginsburg

Mr. Donald Trump
Mr. Donald Trump

{BNN/OHIO, U.S} . – A Quinnipiac University poll released on Wednesday showed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump leading Hillary Clinton in Florida and Pennsylvania.

According to reports, Trump leads Clinton 42-39 in Florida and by 2 points in Pennsylvania at 43-41, while both received 41 percent of votes each in Ohio.

It was added that Republican National Committee members and delegates have gathered in Cleveland for this week’s convention, which is predicted to be a sore flop by the media.

The overwhelming rhetoric is that top GOP officials are themselves belittling the convention, as the party divides over Trump.

Experts have opined that danger signs are already blinking ahead of the convention, as Trump still hasn’t released a list of convention speakers.

Further, former Republican presidents are said to be skipping the proceedings, as are previous nominees and a large number of Trump’s former rivals.

An article said, “At a time when many Republicans are deeply dissatisfied with their nominee, pessimistic about their prospects for victory in the fall and alarmed about the direction of their party, there’s a reluctance about attending the convention more typically reserved for going to the DMV, being summoned for jury duty or undergoing a root canal.”

However, efforts to change convention rules and allow attendants to vote for any candidate have been overruled, with RNC Rules Committee Chairman Bruce Ash saying that “whether you supported Donald Trump along the way or not: He. Is. Our. Nominee.”

Reports added that a band of conservative delegates, dubbed “anti-Trump coalition,” including Free The Delegates and Delegates Unbound, have pledged to gatecrash Trump’s convention.

However, when asked if he was worried about the delegates, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said that he was “hearing less and less of it actually. So I think the unbind stuff has died off considerably over the last 10 days or so.”

In preparation for the convention next week, law enforcement officials are putting together last minute security plans, especially since Ohio is an open-carry state.

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said that his officers are prepared to deal with the possibility that many of the people on the streets could be armed during the GOP convention.

Meanwhile, reports state that Donald Trump called for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s resignation following her touting of him a “faker.”

Ginsburg said in several interviews that Trump was unfit for office and “has no consistency about him.”

She added that “he really has an ego,” and that she did “not even want to contemplate” Trump as President.

Trump has lashed out, publishing a tweet that said “Justice Ginsburg of the U.S. Supreme Court has embarrassed all by making very dumb political statements about me… Her mind is shot – resign!”

Senator Bernie Sanders, however, thought otherwise and is said to have agreed with Ginsburg’s remarks.

Sanders said that Trump is a “total opportunist” and that “the record clear is quite clear that he lies just a whole lot of the time.”

His support to Ginsburg follows his official endorsement of once-rival Hillary Clinton as Presidential candidate.


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