American Teacher Donates to 14 Schools In Sinoe County

GVL2MONROVIA –An American teacher, Elizabeth Johnson, and her community through oil palm developer Golden Veroleum Liberia has donated 102 cartons of books to 14 schools in Butaw, Juarzon, Tarjuowon, Numopoh, Tartweh and Natrian communities in Sinoe County. The move seeks to help communities develop a learning environment where requisite books are available to improve the learning capacity of children.

GVL3Elizabeth Johnson commented, “I am just a retired school teacher who sees the children’s need for books and has found a way to fill that need through generous donations of books and shipping fees from my community, and the support of the Liberian Shipping Company. I am delighted that Sinoe children will have excellent learning materials because Knowledge is Power.”

GVL4Juarzon Central High School in Juarzon District received 8 cartons; J. Milton Teajay High School 8 cartons, Kulu Elementary school 5 cartons, and Upper Kulu Junior High School in Tarjuowon 8 cartons. Other schools are Butaw Junior High School, 8 cartons; Gibsonville Junior High School, 8 cartons; and Chea Town Elementary in Butaw District, Tubmanville Junior High School, 8 cartons; Pochen Public Elementary School, 5 cartons; and Saywon Town Elementary School, 5 cartons. Additional schools benefiting include: Numopoh Central Elementary School, 5 cartons; Kpanyan Central Elementary School, Nitrain, 5 cartons; and Wolee Junior High School, Dou-Wolee Nyenue, 8 cartons.

GVL5Making the presentation to the schools on behalf of Madam Johnson, GVL School System Coordinator Mike Naklen said the donation provides high-quality learning materials to the community schools.

GVL6Mike Naklen called on the schools to make maximum use of the materials provided them. He said the books comprised of mathematics, English, encyclopedias, novels, dictionaries, and biology books. “I want to say that through GVL Elizabeth Johnson is making real her dream of providing quality learning materials to Liberian children through the Liberia Book Drive and the Liberia Book Trust.” said Mike Naklen.

Receiving the donations, the principals and Parent-Teachers Association chairpersons and community members expressed delighted over the donation by Ms. Johnson through GVL. The administrators expressed their commitment that that the books donated will be used for their intended purpose. The school administrators recognized the outstanding contribution made to them by Elizabeth Johnson through GVL.

According to GVL Communications Coordinator the books were given to GVL by Elizabeth Johnson and many American donors. Leroy Kanmoh says the donation currently benefits more 300 students in Sinoe County. “We will continue to work with Elizabeth Johnson to help develop our school and community schools in Sinoe. We are hoping to extend this to Grand Kru in the future,” said Kanmoh.

Elizabeth Johnson is an educational consultant for the College Board in the U.S. She first visited Liberia in November, 2013 at which time she provided professional development for the staff at a Liberian orphanage.

Her introduction to GVL coincided with her program of organizing a book drive because of the great need for more and better materials to help Liberian children. In March 2016, Golden Veroleum Liberia in partnership Ms. Johnson concluded two professional development training courses for 60 teachers from 8 schools in Butaw, Tarjuowon, and Greenville in Sinoe County.

The workshop sought to sharpen the skills and enhance the capacity of teachers; examine an integrated kindergarten to 12th grade English Curriculum; strengthen reading, writing, and critical thinking skills; and examine effects of trauma on educational achievement.

The Liberia Book Trust honors Ms. Johnson for a meaningful contribution to education in Liberia following the conduct of professional development training in Sinoe and Monrovia, including Second Chance Academy and the Methodist School in Paynesville, and the United Methodist University. Over 300 people in total attended her workshops.

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