NATO leaders convene over landmark summit, to discuss ISIS, Brexit and Russia re-emerging

uni1467993018{BNN/WARSAW, Poland} – Leaders in the NATO military alliance reportedly converged in Warsaw for a crucial summit aiming to tackle various complex issues at hand including challenges posed by Russia and Brexit.

According to reports, the summit is scheduled to occur over two days, with U.S. President Barack Obama saying that it may be “the most important moment for our transatlantic alliance since the end of the Cold War.”

The summit also reportedly plans to discuss extremism, with focus on the Islamic State, as well as conflicts that are driving millions out of their countries and into Europe for refuge.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said of the meeting that, “The decisions we’re going to take together will once again confirm that Europe and North America stand together, act together to support all allies against any threats.”

He added that, “For our nations to be safe, it’s not enough to keep our defenses strong, we must help to make our partners stronger… Training local forces is often our best weapon against violent extremism.”

It was added that the spotlight will remain on the resurgence of NATO’s Cold War foe Russia as it rearms itself, as well as continues to anger the alliance by backing continuing armed insurgency in eastern Ukraine.

Further, the Kremlin is also accused of upsetting post-World War II order by seizing the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine.

Obama reportedly said of Russia that, “Russia’s aggression against Ukraine threatens our vision of a Europe that is whole, free, and at peace,” adding of the ISIS that their attacks have “slaughtered innocents in NATO countries, from Orlando to Paris to Brussels to Istanbul.”

Reports added that Britain’s exit from the European Union was also actively discussed, with Obama saying that he was “absolutely confident the U.K. and European Union will work together in a pragmatic and cooperative fashion to ensure the U.K.’s transition is orderly and smooth.”

He added that “protracted, adversarial negotiations” were not to the best of either party’s interests, and that cooperation over exit negotiations was required.

The NATO summit is reportedly also expected to agree to deploy alliance troops in Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and increase its presence in the Mediterranean.

Reports state that Polish President Andrzej Duda had said ahead of the summit that NATO must significantly bolster its capability for deterrence and defense.

Duda said, “Here in Warsaw, NATO must prove that it is and will be a lively, strong and reliable alliance for peace, freedom and democracy.”

He said of security threats that, “The threat is a policy of force, which does not take into account the norms of international law, even norms as basic as the right to territorial integrity and state sovereignty, which guarantees nations the freedom to decide their own fate.”

Further, Duda thanked Obama for seeing the need to boost security in eastern Europe, adding that “security is where the world’s strongest army is, and that army is the U.S. Army.”

Although the NATO summit seems to be a mere dotting of the “I” after months of negotiations, it is being considered a landmark summit. READ MORE OF THIS REPORT

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