At UP Convention: Indicted And Outgoing UP Chairman Appears ‘Disappointed’

Is Cllr. Varney Sherman ignoring President Sirleaf at the Convention?
Is Cllr. Varney Sherman ignoring President Sirleaf at the Convention or the other way around?

As partisans and sympathizers of the ruling Unity Party (UP) gathered in Liberia’s central city of Gbarnga, Bong County, our reporter covering this occasion said via mobile phone from Gbarnga that the outgoing Chairman of the Party and also an indictee of the Stable Mining Bribery scandal, Cllr. Varney Sherman closeness with his boss, the political leader of the party, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf  appeared completely different, a situation which drew the attention of those attending the convention including observers and journalists.

Our reporter said Cllr. Sherman who usually in closed chat with President Sirleaf during such occasion was this time ‘cutoff’ as compare to his  usual interaction with his boss, the Standard Bearer of the party which he chair as all eyes were focused on them observing their unusual mement .

Our reporter also said Cllr. Sherman who and President Sirleaf sat dissimilarity on the podium as the occasion was officially been  held, both Cllr. Sherman and President Sirleaf refused to share jokes as it is usually done during such occasion.

Observers and some UP partisans who spoke to our reporter also said they have noticed this unusual atmosphere between the two top UP executives, noting, “I want to believe the relationship between the first partisan of our party and our Chairman has fallen apart, maybe due to the current Global Witness report linking the Chairman to the Stable Mining bribery scandal,” Jonathan Kolleh in a chat with our reporter in Gbarnga noted.

“Cllr. Sherman is not happy with President Sirleaf, see how both appeared on the podium; each of them has resolved not to talk to each other, probably Cllr. Sherman is angry with President Sirleaf or the other way around. You yourself can see,” Johnson Kollie a resident of Gbarnga and an observer of the convention said.

“I know Cllr. Sherman would not have come to this convention, but due to his handing over of  the Chairmanship to the new chair I believe he came; this guy is not happy at all,” another observer at the convention, Esther Harris Bowah expressing her feeling about what she noticed between the two UP officials said.

Cllr. Varney Sherman along with others was recently indicted by the Global Witness based on report that he personally spearheaded the distribution of huge cash from Stable Mining to some officials in the Liberian Government, and others out of the government without accountability, and that his action defrauded the Liberian Government of its needed revenues.

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