Joseph Boakai, Charles Brumskine Crawl In Nimba County, As Voters Divided

LP Political Leader, Walker Brumskine Swallowed By Supporters In Nimba
LP Political Leader, Walker Brumskine Swallowed By Supporters In Nimba

The political playing field of Nimba County on a daily basis is getting hot and hotter as dozens of presidential hopefuls from Monrovia the grounded political headquarters of Liberia are said to be trooping in that part of the Country in their bid to win the hearts of the people in the  vote rich County.

Just yesterday, a convoy of some brand new flashes pickups from the Liberty Party (LP) swallowed the busy City of Ganta as the political leader of the LP, Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine was visible, reportedly making his party’s  presence felt in that County.

Dozens of partisans of the Liberty Party in that part of the country were enthusiastic ally overwhelmed as their political leader disembarked from his vehicle to speak to them about the official opening of his party’s branch office in Ganta.

Following the opening of his party Ganta office his convoy drove to Sanniquellie, the capital city of the County to officially open the County’s headquarter for the party as many who spoke to our team of reporters in Ganta expressed their support to the Liberty presidential bid of its political leader.

Voters for the presidency come 2017 are said to be divided over who they think will be the best person to lead Liberia, and questioned the sincerity of many the presidential hopefuls.

Some of the electorates who spoke further to our reporters said their preferred choice balance the Liberty Party political leader is the current Vice President of Liberia; Joseph N. Boakai who they said possesses the quality of leadership and maturity.

But others also believed that the current VP of Liberia and vice standard bearer of the ruling Unity Party (UP)  when elected  will act the same way his boss, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf carryout as President; it will be like ‘Old wine in new bottle’, therefore, they asked that the electorates make a decision that will replace the UP.

Over 40 political parties are opting for the presidency come 2017 to usher a new government that will steer the affairs of Africa’s oldest Republic.

But the question that flips the lips of many is who can be trusted with state power?

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