Tragedy strikes Mogadishu second time this week, several killed in minibus bombing

uni1467283467{BNN/MOGADISHU, Somalia } – According to reports, 20 people were killed in a minibus bombing in Somalia on Thursday, making it the second attack in the city in merely days.

All victims have been identified to be civilians, who had been traveling in a passenger bus on a highway between Mogadishu and Afgoye in Lafole, which is 30 kms west of the capital.

While witnesses claim that a landmine explosion could have caused the strike, most fingers are being pointed at the militant group al-Shabaab.

The militant group had recently also attacked a hotel in Mogadishu, causing deaths of passers-by near the hotel.

A police officer at the scene told the local media that a few passengers from the bus were burnt beyond recognition.

The police official Abidkadir Mohamed said, “All the  people on board the minibus are dead and burnt. A remotely controlled bomb along the road exploded.”

Officials have said that the death toll is expected to rise as well.

No immediate claim of responsibility for the strike has been made so far. Even al-Shabaab has so far not claimed the attack.

In 2011, the Shabaab militants were chased out of Mogadishu but they continue to haunt the capital with their frequent attacks on civilians.

Around 21-23 people were said to have been traveling on the bus.


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