Brexit wins as U.K. decides to leave the EU in historic referendum

uni1466745455{BNN/LONDON, U.K.} – Britain has charted history by deciding to exit the European Union in a referendum that was held on June 23. The final Leave vote was 51.89 percent to 48.11 percent for Bremain.

British Prime Minister David Cameron on Friday morning announced he would step down by October

In light of the decision, global markets plunged and the biggest hit was endured by the British pound, that recorded its lowest level since 1985 and its biggest ever one-day fall.

According to reports, the earliest referendum count that came through on Friday morning showed that more votes were in favour of leaving the European Union, in a sharp contrast to expectations.

The British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar, the Orkney Islands, Swindon, Newcastle and Sunderland along with a number of areas in Scotland are among those that have declared their final results so far.

Latest counts saw the “Remain” camp seizing only 48 percent of votes compared to the “Leave” camp’s 52 percent.

Reports added that the estimated turnout at the U.K. polls was 87 percent, as many were waylaid by floods and torrential rains during the 15-hour voting period.

200 out of 382 voting areas reportedly showed a 72.1 percent turnout.

Meanwhile, the better-than-expected chances of leaving the EU after the vote count in Sunderland reportedly caused the pound to seesaw frenziedly against the U.S. Dollar.

Pro-Remain opinion polls reportedly caused the pound to hit highs of over $1.50 however in Asian Pacific trade Friday sterling had dived more than 12 percent to 1.3333.

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