North Korea accused of stealing South’s defence secrets in massive cyber attack

uni1465875169{BNN/SEOUL, South Korea – The South Korean police cyber investigation unit has said that North Korea has hacked into over 140,000 computers at 160 South Korean firms and government agencies.

Reports revealed that South’s police said that hackers had planted malicious code as part of their long-term plan of laying groundwork for a massive cyber attack against South Korea.

The Korean National Police Agency also reportedly said that in February this year, they had discovered that North Korea had begun a long-term hacking operation into their systems and had stolen over 40,000 documents related to the defense industry in attacks on two companies.

Authorities in Seoul reportedly stated that out of over 42,000 materials stolen, more than 40,000 were defense related.

They further added that North Koran hackers had stolen wing blueprints for a U.S. F-15 jet fighter and photos of parts of spy planes from a South Korean company called Korean Air Lines, which reportedly is a contract manufacturer for the South Korean military.

This is said to be the latest in a serious of cyberattacks that Seoul claims are conducted by Pyongyang.

Some reports quoted the police as saying that the attack originated at an IP address in Pyongyang. The same IP address was said to have been used in a cyberattack on South Korea in 2013 that disabled the computer systems of banks and broadcast companies.

With tensions intensifying in the Korean peninsula after North Korea claimed that it had conducted a successful hydrogen bomb testing in January this year and followed that with a string of nuclear and ballistic missile tests – South Korea said that it had further increased its cyber security.

North Korea however, has denied any involvement in previous cyberattack accusations even though experts have suggested that the elusive nation is developing significant military and cyber capabilities. READ MORE OF THIS STORY

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