UCLA gunman left kill list, wanted to murder a second professor

uni1464949917{Big News Network/CALIFORNIA, U.S. } – The UCLA gunman who killed a professor before turning the gun on himself, left behind a kill list. He is also suspected of having shot and killed a woman in Minnesota.

According to reports, the assailant Mainak Sarkar, aged 38, was a former doctoral candidate and a resident of Minnesota.

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck on June 2 said that Sarkar left behind a list at his house which included the names of a woman, UCLA professor William Klug and a second professor who is said to be safe.

Sarkar had accused Klug of stealing his computer code and giving it to someone else.

Police officials went to the woman’s house, whose name was on the list, at Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. According to public records, the resident listed for the house was Ashley Hasti.

Police found a woman who was deceased of an apparent gunshot wound and reports quoted Hennepin County Vital Records that showed that the woman had married Sarkar on June 14, 2011.

It is, however, unclear whether they were married when Sarkar went on a rampage.

According to reports, detectives who arrived at Klug’s office after the shooting found two bodies and a note from Sarkar in which he had written down his address and asked someone to “check on my cat.”

Beck said, “Immediately we were highly suspicious. That made me uneasy about what we would find when we got to Minnesota.”

At Sarkar’s home, the LAPD found extra ammunition and a box for one of the guns found at UCLA.

The woman’s body was found after midnight on June 2 by the Brooklyn Park Police.

The deputy police chief, at a press conference, said that the woman had been dead for a couple of days.

He added, “We have multiple detectives working on this case. We’re working with LAPD to coordinate our efforts.”

On June 1, Sarkar carried a backpack, two semi-automatic pistols, extra magazines, and went to Klug’s office where he killed the professor and himself.

Beck said the gunman “was certainly prepared to engage multiple victims.”

Sarkar’s list also mentioned another professor.

Beck said, “We believe… that he went to kill two faculty from UCLA. He was only able to locate one.”

The second professor who was on campus during the shooting has said that he knew that Sarkar had issues with him.

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