Global Witness Writes GNN Publisher On His Committed Role In Exposing Corruption Worldwide Through His Outlet

Mr. Joel Cholo Brooks, Publisher - GNN-Liberia
Mr. Joel Cholo Brooks, Publisher – GNN-Liberia

The Publisher of this news outlet has been written by the Global Witness for his entity’s quest to adequately promote its operation in Liberia and the global community.

In its communication addressed to Mr. Joel Cholo Brooks, the global antigraft organization said:

“Dear Cholo,

Corruption props up abusive regimes and keeps fledgling economies dependent on foreign aid, denying vital services to the most vulnerable members of society.

Two people who have experienced this first-hand are Nina Astaforova-Yatsenko and her daughter Nonna. Seven-year-old Nonna suffers from haemophilia. Since corrupt politicians bled their country, Ukraine, dry, hospitals can’t buy the medicine Nonna needs so Nina must spend her days searching for it on the black market.


This is the human face of corruption; the true cost to ordinary people not only in Ukraine, but all over the world.

Earlier this month, we worked with to bring Nina and Nonna’s story to the attention of David Cameron, host of the Anti-Corruption Summit in London. The summit was an historic chance to push governments to tackle corruption and we’ve worked hard to ensure we used this opportunity to the full.

As well as ensuring the human impact of corruption was heard, we pushed for change through advocating, through widespread media coverage, and through our groundbreaking investigations. Most recently, exposing the role of offshore secrecy in the DRC’s lost billions and in the scandal surrounding former cricketer Phil Edmonds’s Business Empire.

And it has paid off, with major progress across all our key asks.

By the end of the summit:

16 countries had moved towards public registers of the real owners of companies to bring corruption out of the shadow. A year ago there was just one.

We welcomed commitments to make it harder for the corrupt to travel and do business in the world’s financial system. After all, looting state coffers is only worth doing if you have somewhere safe to put it and somewhere fun to spend it.

There was a big step forward on UK property. The UK government announced clear measures to ensure UK property could no longer be used as a dumping ground for dirty cash.

Change is coming, but there’s more to do

Progress on company ownership in some countries only highlights the glaring lack of progress in UK tax havens. The UK’s Overseas Territories are a favourite tool of the corrupt, whose activities are made possible through the ability to hide and move dirty money through anonymous companies and secrecy jurisdictions.

Please donate to Global Witness today to help us build on this month’s momentum. No matter what size, your donation will enable us to continue to uncover the stories of corruption worldwide, push for the enforcement of commitments already made and continue to campaign for the UK’s tax havens to open up.

Ultimately, it will stop criminals from amassing fortunes at the expense of the health, education and wellbeing of ordinary people all around the world.

Please donate online or get in touch with the team now.

Thank you

Robert Palmer

Banks & Corruption Campaigner

P.S. My colleague Daniel wrote to you last week about his new investigation into the business empire of former cricketer Phil Edmonds and his partner Andrew Groves. Since it was published, the Liberian government has announced it will investigate allegations of bribes and payments exposed in the report.

Find the facts. Expose the story. Change the system.

We need your support to continue our work. Contact,” the Global Witness communication to Mr. Brooks via email concluded.

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