LIBERIA: GVL Repudiates Erroneous Allegations of Child Labour

gvl-3 Golden Veroleum Liberia strongly rejects allegations of child labor by the company as contained in recent news report published by Daily Observer Newspaper title “Advocate Demands Justice for Children” and the New Dawn Newspaper report titled “Liberian Children Alarm Danger” published on 25 and 18 May 2016.

GVL policies are clear; we don’t hire children at all. GVL makes similar requirement of its subcontractor and suppliers, and works to monitor their workforces.

GVL has a strict adult-only hiring policy in line with GOL guidelines, with the terms of the company’s concession agreement with the GOL, in terms of its voluntary membership of the Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). Simply, the company places zero tolerance on hiring and contracting of children in concordance with Liberian labor laws and international regulations protecting the rights of children. The company trusts that the erroneous statements, as made by the Liberia National Children’s Representative Forum (LNCRF),will be retracted by the CSO in the Liberian Media.

GVL hires approximately 3,600 Liberians all of whom are of working ages in Sinoe and Grand Kru counties. GVL is supporting several schools in Sinoe and Grand Kru as a means of supporting the education of Liberian children. GVL operates the largest primary school in Sinoe with more than 550 students and provides US$100,000 annual scholarship to Liberian students through the ministry of Agriculture. At around 1,400 students have benefited from the company’s scholarship scheme.

Stanley Carter, President of Golden Veroleum Liberia Agriculture Workers Union says GVL does not hire children. “Almost all GVL employees fall directly under the union and pay due to the Union. We don’t have any record of any child working for GVL and paying due to us as a Union. We meet and interact with our members each work day and none of such call child labor is practiced. We have only men and women working for GVL” Stanley Carter concluded.

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